Hasay wagon here I come! Doo-dah, doo-dah….

Hasay wagon here I come doo-dah, doo-dah, day!  Yep that’s right folks I’ve joined the Hasay(Half as small as you) wagon!  In order to be a part of this awesome club and to receive my weekly heckles from Casey I have to answer a few questions so here goes….

1.  What is motivating me to want to loose the extra poundage?  My health is my main motivation, I want to be around for my daughter and right now I’m carrying around the equivalent of 5 bowling balls of extra weight I really don’t need.  I’d like to feel better about myself and be able to shop in an area that didn’t consist of big print and bright colors.  Finally, I would like to start running again and eventually run for Meggers in a 5k  for Epilepsy.

3.  What is my long term weight loss goal?  My long term weight loss goal is 60lbs.  To shed a small, slightly overweight child.  In other words go from this…


To This…..


Okay maybe each of those were a little extreme but you know what I mean right?!

4.  What tools are available to me?  I have some of these…


and I have this…


and I have these….


I think that’s a good start.

5.  How often can I exercise?  Being that I am a stay at home mum my exercise schedule is pretty flexable, but I think I’m going to start out with three times a week.

6.  What do you plan on doing? Well for exercise I found this site, so I think I’ll start there because “couch to the 5k” sounds about right.  As far as eating goes I’m going to calorie count, cut out my night time snacking and keep a log of everything I eat.

7.  What has worked for you in the past?  Most of the diets I’ve tried in the past have not been realistic and only short term.  It’s true the only way to keep it off is eating right and exercise.

8 thoughts on “Hasay wagon here I come! Doo-dah, doo-dah….

  1. Wow, that bowling ball analogy got me thinking. I need to lose the equivalent of BOTH of my children. Graham is 32lbs and Elliot is a little over 19. That’s scary!

    You’ve got a good plan here, I know you can stick to it and see some progress. You’re right about unrealistic dieting not working. We did the Six Week Body Makeover a few months back and although I lost 27lbs, I gained it right back as soon as I started eating like crap. I think we all need to find something semi-healthy and stick to it. Cheat in moderation! Good luck this week and welcome to HASAY! Yay!


  2. Ack! Kirst! Welcome to HASAY!!! So excited for you. I have a couple of friends who have done the couch to 5k and raved about it. So, rock on! Let me know how that goes!


  3. You can totally do this. And your motivation sounds on target. Running a 5k sounds awesome, I’ve always thought about training for something like that but have never actually summoned the guts to do it. I’ll check out that link though. Can’t wait to hear about your progress, I see jeans in your future. 😉


  4. WOO HOOOO! As the official male cheerleader of Club Hasay (seriously, I have my own guest post and everything), WELCOME!!! You can do it!! And congrats on taking the first step. 😀


  5. Thanks Casey I’m looking forward to being heckled. ~wink~

    Sprite ~ Will definitely keep you informed on how it goes.

    MsBear ~ I see jeans in both our futures..lol You can totally do it! I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Goodfather ~ Oooo my own male cheerleader now I’m excited! Can I be the your female counterpart together we could be the SNL Spartan Cheerleaders. ~doing fish hook move~

    Kaz ~ Thanks!

    Sam ~ Looking forward to the pestering, hopefully it’ll keep me on track.

    PS you could never annoy me unless of course it was an election year. ~wink~


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