Wordless Wednesday: Meggers gets a manicure!

Daddy got Meggers some press on nails for Christmas and she thought they were the coolest.

All I can say is DIVA!!!! 

Oppps I’m not supposed to say anything  am I?  On account of it being Wordless and all.  Well I’ve always been one to bend the rules a little. ~wink~


Sooo not fair, they were cuter than any manicure I’ve had!  Gonna go see if they make ’em in XXL.


11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Meggers gets a manicure!

  1. Uh oh, now she’s going to demand that you take her for weekly mani/pedi appts! Very cute and sweet of her daddy to get her nails!


  2. You’ve got the same problem as me Kirsty, I can’t keep my fingers from typing on Wordless Wednesday either!
    Very impressed that daddy bought the nails – all my husband can muster for our daughter is building stuff! Mind you if we gave her fake nails, she’d probably stick them on the cat.


  3. Debbie ~ They actually were really easy on and off! I put them on and she pranced around in them for a bit and then we took them off, put them back in the package for use at a later date…lol


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