200th Post "Caption Contest" Giveaway

*Don’t miss out on my giveaway!  You have till 8PM, Friday (tomorrow) to enter a my caption contest and win a 2009 Calendar (you pick from 3).*

So it’s technically my 203rd post, but who’s counting? It’s a giveaway right?!   So what better than a Caption Contest?  Whom ever writes the best caption for the following picture will get to choose between one of the three prizes.  Anyone else think the female in this picture looks like Debra Messing? Anyone?  No! Moving on then…


Easy enough right?  So here are the rules..

1.  You can enter as many times as you like by leaving your caption in the comments area.

2.  You could score extra points for blogging about my Giveaway and linking back in the comment area, well not really, but if it’s a tiebreaker it could give you the edge to win.

3.  Next Friday hubby and I will pick the one we like best and then announce the winner on Saturday. 

4.  If you win you get to choose one of the three prizes you feel suits you the best.

Now for what I’m giving away?  Well, I thought about it and then I went to the master herself, Obi Wan Ke-Sprite’s Keeper and asked her for ideas? 

After waffling on about using the force and Yoda not believing in me, she gave me some great ideas and one stuck!  CALENDARS!!

Then I thought I have three types of readers (that I know of), women bloggers, mom bloggers, and daddy bloggers.  So if your caption wins you get to choose between three calendars for 2009.  Everyone needs to get organized right?!  

For the Mom Blogger


 For The Woman Blogger 

(I need to clarify this one, it’s not really porn, it’s satirical you dirty buggers..lol)


For The Daddy Blogger


So have you got your eye on the prize?  Are your creative juices flowing?  Are you cringing at my bad grammar?  GOOD!  May the force be with you. 

On yer marks, get set, GO…..

8 thoughts on “200th Post "Caption Contest" Giveaway

  1. Hi Kirst,
    I found my password!! Yay!

    This is my first time here, so I’m keeping it clean and as a result – unfunny. 🙂

    “They were set to have a lovely day out until Geoff decided to give his wife a wedgie”



  2. She DOES look like Debra Messing.

    Can I be bad? IF so, here goes.

    “That had BETTER be a rolling pin in his pocket”

    “I’d like to wrap that saran wrap around her face to get rid of that stupid grin. Who gets that excited about cooking?”


  3. Ooh, can I enter? Please?


    His thoughts: “She has no clue that I’m sleeping with my secretary.”

    Her thoughts: “He has no clue that I poisoned these sandwiches.”


  4. Her: Oh, happy happy, I’ve just learned that I can use this saran wrap for more than just wrapping sandwiches! See, this much off the roll can be used to wrap around my belly while sleeping, helping me to lose that extra baby fat from my 8th child. *smiling an evil grin and thinking to herself that he better not have something else planned for this saran wrap or she’ll suffocate him with it*

    Him: Oh yeah Baby, I SO know what we can do with that saran wrap! *snicker snicker, nudge nudge*


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