So I finished my first week of Hasay (Half As Small As You) and I tell you it was not an easy task!    My brother went on a trip to England and brought me back these bad boys….


Quality Streets, only the best sweeties EVER!!!!  Caramel, coconut, orange, chocolate triangles, vanilla fudge, etc..   And if that wasn’t enough he also brought me back one of these…


A 1lb Dairy Milk Bar, all that milk chocolaty goodness,  in it’s own shiny little wrapper.  Guaranteed to make your arse at least one size bigger.

   I panicked!  Aaaaaaaaaaaarghh what to do? What to do?  I couldn’t bring myself to throw them out, after all they survived an eight and a half hour flight  across the Atlantic just for me. 

So I told hubby he must ration them to me,  no matter how much I foamed at the mouth and threatened him to within an inch of his life,  he was not to give me anymore than my allowed amount.

I thought my diet was doomed when I rummaged through the cabinets to find the stash  stumbled across my stash.  I rolled around in it for a bit,  sort of like a dog rolls in poop, but a lot more erotic.  I sneakily treated myself to a few extra pieces of milk chocolaty goodness while laughing  in a chocolate hysteria at the thought of being caught. 


You know what though?  Even with that little bump in the road I still managed to walk away from this week 6lbs lighter!  Woooo Hooooo!

I’d say it was 8lbs, but the scale kept teetering back and forth 2lbs, probably on account of all the chocolate, so we’ll say 6lbs down.  

How I did it?  Calorie Counting!  I stayed within 1600 to 1800 calories a day.  I cut out a lot of the night time snacking I used to do and replaced it with a nice tall glass of water.  I made sure I ate something for breakfast, usually a bowl of Quaker instant oatmeal (love Weight Control, Banana bread and Maple Brown Sugar flavors).   Ohhh and I found this to dip my veggies in….


It’s hard to find a good dressing that doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup or MSG in it, but this one’s pretty good!   I love it with cellery!!!

This is probably TMI, but I did notice I was going pee a lot more than usual, which makes  me think I lost a lot of water weight.  I also noticed I was extremely bitchy so I definitely think I’m an emotional eater.  Anyone else notice little things like this?  No? Alrighty then…

Anyway, I think the first week went rather well.  Thanks Hasay!!!

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14 thoughts on “I SURVIVED!!!!

  1. 6 lbs! Kirst, that’s amazing! I am so proud of you! Even with the chocolate temptation, you managed to lose half a dozen! Woot!


  2. I am bowing down to you right now for losing that much weight on your first week. Wow! Great job, now keep it up! I can’t count calories since it would make me too angry to tally them up as I swallowed them down.
    I pee like a racehorse every time I diet since I try to drink more water and less soda. Also, I’m an emotional eater too. A very bad one.

    Good luck this week!


  3. My American friends (and some American ex-pats who live in this area) tell me that UK chocolate is better than US chocolate. Why? I don’t know. But I keep being asked to send some Stateside. Do YOU think it’s better? Perhaps that’s why Brits are becoming increasingly obese…


    1. Watpo~ I agree with your American friends (and ex-pats)! American chocolate is very waxy to me. I think it has to do with corn syrup and all that jazz they put in it over here. I love british chocolate it’s more creamy and yummy! No offense to any American choc lovers out there.


  4. You kick ass, regardless of where the weight came from. Way to go on the self restraint too, just that fancy candy tin would have hypnotized me in to polishing it off in its entirety. More success in the coming week. Woo hoo.


  5. Mrs. Bear ~ Thanks I was definitely hypnotized..lol

    19th ~ I couldn’t stop eating chocolate if I tried..lol Moderation is the key and allowing some calories for that treat. :o)


  6. Oh! thanks for the tip on the dressing. I am always looking for healthy dressings to scale back my snacking urge!

    Congrats! Looks like you had a great first week!


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