Fish ‘N’ Chips

The British Fish ‘N’ Chip shop finally opened up here in town. YAY!! So a few nights ago I ate like a bird all day, munching on celery sticks, so I could tuck into this platter without guilt.


Of course no plate of Fish N Chips is complete without


The only thing missing was the whole thing wrapped in newspaper, some scraps and a little two pronged wooden fork.  However, I think I managed just fine!


Okay I look like an idiot, my two thumbs up looks like I have rheumatoid arthritis. Sigh!  

11 thoughts on “Fish ‘N’ Chips

  1. It took my five bloody times to log in! Argh! Anyhooo….those fish and chips look awesome and now I am dang hungry!

    I hope you enjoyed them and congrats on joining HASAY….and saving up your calories for this awesome food!


  2. we used to have this odd little fish and chips hut not far from where i live that actually did do the newspaper wrap…but i think the health inspector’s don’t think much of the idea…

    The malt…nice touch…and now i too have the craving…


  3. Sprite ~ LOL

    Ms. Bear ~ Was DEFINITELY worth the deprivation. Although they were gone way to fast. Sigh!

    Half As Good ~ LOL I try! ;o)

    Sam ~ Long John Silver’s Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Hey you work with what ya got. ~shudder~ :o)

    Johnny’s Mommy ~ Just the fact that you logged in 5 times to leave a comment makes me ❤ you even more (with or without typos).

    Robert ~ You’re super sweet. I think I might be blushing!

    Thistle ~ I think they use a wax paper or styrofoam tray now and then wrap it with a plain white or cream paper in the UK. Although just eating the Fish and Chips could be a health hazard in As for the Malt, wouldn’t eat ’em any other way. ;O)


  4. Yes. Fish ‘n’ Chips are very nice for lunch or dinner.
    But, try not to eat too much. You need to eat your ‘greens’ too.


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