Wordless Wednesday ~ Holy Leaf Batman!

Yet again, I can’t go wordless on this because I have to apologize for my sand pit back yard, we’ve neglected it a bit this winter.  Meggers found this beautiful, gargantuan leaf while we were playing outside.img_0243

Seriously it was huge, bigger than Meggers head.


No Meg, hold it closer to your head, so they can see how HUGE it is! 


I can’t wait till the spring comes so I don’t have to pick up any more leaves.  Seriously they’re out of control, although Daisy loves dashing in and out of them.


I definitely need to borrow my mum’s leaf sucker upper thingy soon!


Don’t forget to enter my caption contest we’ll be drawing the winner this Friday!!!

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Holy Leaf Batman!

  1. Personally, i love the look of that yard…looks like the fence i want to put up myself this summer…i’ll have to print it off and see what FredNextDoor thinks…


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