My Crazy Dream

I had the craziest dream last night…..

I was in a house unfamiliar to me, checking all the locks, scared of something.  Meghan was with me, she went upstairs, I was worried.  Am I depressed? Crazy?  What’s going on?

I blink and my dream changes….

Now I’m  in a car with my husband.  I tell him “I want to go home”.

“That’s not our home”  he replies his eyes still forward.

“Where’s Meghan?”  Silence.

“Let me out!”  I yell .

In a flash we’re both standing on a cobbled road,  a road  I recognize.  I  start walking but my husband doesn’t follow.  There’s town’s square and the clock tower on the left, it’s Church Street, a little cobbled street in the heart of the town I grew up in.  In front of me there’s a wall of some sort of dust coming at me like a wave.  I close my eyes and step though it, turning around to warn my husband, but he’s not there.

I blink again,  I’m floating, there’s a big beautiful green tree in front of me that I admire.  A sound catches my attention, I turn, it”s  an eerie music, I listen…… it’s drawing me to the clock tower.  I feel like I shouldn’t go, but I can’t turn away, I’m in some sort of trance.

I feel something hit me, hard and fast and I’m going up, so fast, too fast, I can’t stop, I can’t see anything.  It feels like lots of pulsing waves are moving through my torso.  My eyes open wide, I’m in my bedroom and it still feels like  waves are going through my body.  Is it adrenaline?  Am I dying?  Is it my grandmother? Am I possessed?  My body slowly calms down.  I’m waiting for a panic attack to come, but it doesn’t.

I look over at Meghan, she’s sleeping peacefully.  I touch hubby and he stirs enough for me to tell him “I think I had a nightmare”.

He climbs out of bed, scoots Meghan over, and climbs in behind me.  I tell him everything.   He doesn’t look at me like I’m crazy, I love that about him. 

“I’m afraid to go back to sleep” I whisper “I don’t want to close my eyes”.

He tells me not to worry and gets up to turn a light on, knowing it will make me a little more comfortable. 

My eyes close and I fall back asleep.

Analyze that one Dr. Sigmund Freud.

This is what comes of finishing “New Moon” right before I go to bed.   No more vampire books or scary movies before bed for me anymore.

11 thoughts on “My Crazy Dream

  1. What are you doing reading vampire books before bed?! Holy crap, woman! What do you want to have …. well, you know…nightmares?

    Oh did. Well….do you want to have nightmares.

    So here is my theory.

    I think Meggers is finally getting that baby sister she wanted. 🙂


  2. Sprite ~ Oooo I’m jealous I’m just getting ready to start Eclipse so don’t tell me anything. Umm but no more night time reading for me.

    Sam ~ Sounds saucy! LOL

    Jonnymommy ~ Bite your It was really scary though when I woke up and could still feel what I was feeling in my dream thought for sure I was having a heart attack or being possessed. Did I say I watch WAY TO MUCH


  3. Ugh, what a scary dream! I’m glad your husband is there and knows how to calm you, it makes all the difference. Stop reading scary stuff before bed!


  4. It’s very cool that you remember them so vividly…sometimes i scare myself when i wake up thinking there’s someon standing in my hallway. As if!…i have 4 dogs that may or may not be sleeping loose in the house on any given night…you can’t cough on the street at the front of my house without me knowing about it, let alone get in undetectedLOL…


  5. Um, you’re getting gipped with the New Moon dreams. You should be dreaming of Edward or hunky Jacob. I’d ask for a do-over.


  6. honey, you sure you didn’t eat any spicy food?

    Just remember that dreams cannot hurt you – just remember to talk about them afterwards like you just did so they don’t haunt you.



  7. Crazy, scary dreams…tisk. I had dreams about vampires while I was reading all the books, too. Mine weren’t really scary, but I did dream I was a cool vampire. Weird.


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