DJ Kirst lay dem funky rhymes down (fricky, fricky, fr… whateva!)

I’ve been gone for a bit but I’ve come back to find,

Sprite’s Keeper’s spin this week’s all about rhyme.


This is not my forte but I will try my best,

To pull out my rhyming skills and live up to her quest.


So this week’s been amazing! Historical too!

We swore in our 44th president who


Was elected “for his character, not the color of his skin”

A dream once longed for by the late Doctor King.


Another thing happened and such elation was felt,

Meggers received her Lil Ninja, Yellow, White Belt!


What else can I tell you?  What else can I say?

I went to my sister’s Mamma Mia Partay

 with my best friend Ray….chel?


Okay that didn’t rhyme but I’m doing my best,

To live up to the mighty Sprite’s Keeper’s test.


I’ve cleaning to do and laundry that needs folding,

A pup who’s chewed shoes in need of a scolding!


Meg’s got a science fair project that soon will be due,

And a project for the 100th day of school too.


Then there’s the Cancer, Autism and Epilepsy walks,

My sister who wants me to do Spider Vein talks…

(talk more about that later)


Hubby’s going out of town and oh wait there’s more,

When he returns it’s my birthday I’m turning 34!


So how am I fairing? The next Dr. Seuss I think not!

But not a bad rhyme to fill this blog spot.


I really enjoy bloging with all of you guys,

You give me ideas and broaden my skies.


Your comments are sweet and I love every one,

Having friends like you all makes bloging more fun.


I’ve laughed and I’ve cried reading all of your blogs,

When you’ve talked about boobs, work, poop and your dogs.


So I have to thank all of my bloggy amigos,

For bloging from your heart and not for your ego’s.


I lay my rhyme down and I bow at her feet,

Did pass the Sprite’s test?  Did her quest I complete?

9 thoughts on “DJ Kirst lay dem funky rhymes down (fricky, fricky, fr… whateva!)

  1. Hey, Meggers? Word to your mother.
    Kirst, that was amazing! I wanted to clap out the beat! You’re linked and we’ve missed you!


  2. Dude, you kicked that rhyme’s butt. You pulled it off, nice work! Welcome back from your bloggy break, we missed you. Oh, and happy almost birthday!


  3. Awesome job! I didn’t even dare try it this time around. I’m awful at it! But this was a great stab at it! Play that funky music, white girl! 🙂


  4. Awesome! Loved it!
    Dude, we’re the same age! I thought I was older than you. I’m going to blame the premature signs of aging on tanning. I look older than everyone and it’s only a matter of time before I look like Magda from There’s Something About Mary.


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