Hasay ~ Karma’s a Bitch!

I was super proud of myself two weeks ago when I dropped 6lbs after surviving my first week  as a member of Hasay.   I even cheated a little!  However, Karma has come back to bite me in the bum!  So here’s what happened….

My friend Dave over at Teach My Children Well “allegedly” went on a hob nob cookie binge and gained a lb.  I will not divulge where I got this information thanks Tara over at Sticky Fingers..lol but it’s an inside source.   Being Dave’s quite a witty bugger I decided to tease him a bit on twitter but  here’s the thing…

I had no idea Dave and Karma were friends and apparently she doesn’t like it when you poke fun at her mates.  Can you believe she  showed up at my house disguised as foods that are definitely not on the hasay list and slapped a lb back on my arse?  Well there’s no hasay list, but if there were chocolate and fast food wouldn’t  be on it!  Anyway I digress…

So this week I humbly appologize to you Dave  for teasing you about your lb and extend an olive branch to your friend Karma.  I promise to be a bit more supportive when you fall off the weight loss wagon to avoid any future run in with your friend Karma, I might even invite her over for tea or something as we seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot. 

Hope everyone else did better than me!  I’m off to try some of Casey’s  pal  Debbie’s TV sit ups and going to the grocery store to refill my fridge with the fruits and veg I should be eating.  Sigh!

So results this week – Up 1 lb

9 thoughts on “Hasay ~ Karma’s a Bitch!

  1. Yeah that’s right baby! Karma’s my bitch and she’s giving me some good lovin’ lately. *GRIN*

    Since your merciless teasing I’ve lost weight. More than a pound!! I can’t wait till Wednesday to boast about it. 🙂

    You know why Karma got you, don’t you? The same reason Karma will get Tara. I didn’t eat any hobnobs. Not even one. Not even a sniff of one!

    Don’t mess with me again you two, or you’ll both find Karma sending you up a cup size. Oh-hell-yeah!



  2. Wow, karma really told you! Actually, I’m with SK, you’re still down five from your starting weight and that counts for a lot. Have a better week this week and lay off the crappy foods!


  3. Please. That one pound could be from anything. Have you been hiding any valuables in your shoes? 5 lbs is still good, forgive yourself the backslide and karma will too. Good luck this week.


  4. Oh dang! Boo-yah! Karma sucks. I’ve got to remember that too. Stay focused. You’ll get there. And hopefully so will I!


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