You say it's your birthday…..

It’s my birthday today and I’ve got a few things planned, so this is just a little post to let the Hasay (Half As Small As You)gang know that I lost 3lbs.  Wooo Hooo!  However there is a slight possibility of me gaining 1lb back because I plan on having either a slice of cake or having my hubby go to the bakery to get me a Napoleon Pastry.  YUM!  I think everyone should be given a free pass to eat whatever they like on their birthday. ~grin~   Hope everyone else had a great week.

Oh yeah!  One more thing…. Im gonna leave you with a birthday song that had terrible lyrics but was popular in the 80’s.  Do you remember who sang it?  Well, that’s easy it’ll tell you at the end.  Do you remember what movie it’s from?  That one’s a little harder, unless of course you’re an 80’s buff.  Enjoy!!!

9 thoughts on “You say it's your birthday…..

  1. Happy birthday! I have no idea what movie that song is from. It kind of scares me!
    3 lbs down? All right! I’m going to have a Smart ones dessert for you! (And you can have the Napoleon for me. I’m only down one.)


  2. Woo hoo, happy birthday! And yay to the 3lbs. You have my (and HASAY’s) permission to cheat your arse off on your birthday. Do it.


  3. Okay, is it wrong that I love that song? I don’t remember what movie it was from, I’m not even sure what she says. lol. Happy Birthday! And yes, you can eat cake! Especially in light of the three pounds. Congrats.


  4. Happy Birthday and I give you a pass for your birthday to eat cake or pastry or whatever else you want!

    Be gone with you!



  5. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you enjoyed your slice of cake? If you can’t have a treat on your big day then when can you? This is the new slimmer version of you now! Wow! Well done!!!!


  6. Hmm, I know the song and thought I knew most 80’s movies but I don’t know this one. I bet hubby would but he went to bed an hour ago!

    Oh well, Happy Belated Birthday! What are you? 29?


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