Mouth Troubles = Dentist Trip = WTF?

Saturday we noticed Meghan’s cheek was sensitive to the touch and there was a lump about where her gum line is.  At first I thought it might be her six year molars cutting in, but it was only the one side.  Then I thought she might have an abscess or something because it’s on the same side she got her silver crown.  So you can imagine my shock when the dentist said something about her jawline, a poorly developed root, a cyst, and a biopsy?  WTF does that mean? 

Meg’s dentist wants us to take her to the Pediatric Oral Surgeon to diagnose it better and possibly get a biopsy.  We’ll know more later on today as we have an appt. this afternoon, apparently this lady’s the best.

Meggers did GREAT this time at the dentist, she was brave, got her xray with no tears  and got a brand new red sparkly toothbrush with a shark cover (oh and some stickers that she displayed proudly oh beary bear).  Beary Bear helps Meggers stay brave at the dentist by getting his teeth checked first.


Her dentist let her take home a copy of the xray because she did such a good job, which I though was pretty cool. 


Pretty impressive right?!  Well first let me say ouch!  She has all those teeth just waiting to pop through.  See where that little blip of green is on the right, that’s where the problem is.  If you compare it to the other side you’ll see the gap around her 6 year molar, this is apparently the “cyst-like” area that may need a biopsy.  He pointed to the root of the tooth, where it’s a little blurry compared to the opposite side and showed us how the jawline falls a little short of the tooth and said something about it being a little underdeveloped?    Now whether this is due to the gap area or vice versa we’ll find that out hopefully today.  Please keep your fingers crossed or say a little prayer it’s nothing that requires anything major.

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