Quick Update

So, we went to the Oral Surgeon yesterday who told us when she saw the xray Meg’s dentist had sent over she wasn’t too concerned, but when she felt the cyst it was very “impressive”???

She wanted to go ahead and schedule a surgery to remove it.  She wants Meg to be fully sedated because it’s right on the nerve that gives you sensation and taste (the one they make numb when you’re getting your teeth worked on) and she wants to make sure Meg gets those sensations back after surgery. Once it’s out they’ll send it to the pathologist to find out what kind of cyst it is. 

She was very nice and sweet to Meg, but like so many doctors she dropped the bomb on us and then acted like there’s no big rush.  Told us she’ll be out of  town for two weeks and can do it when she gets back.  So, surgery is scheduled for March 5th. 

We explained it the best we could at her level and Meggers is being such a big girl about it all.  As to be expected, she’s a little nervous but likes that she gets to eat two of her favorite foods, Mashed spuds and ice cream for a few days after.  

Can’t wait till this is all over and we can put it behind us and move on.  Scary stuff.

5 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. I’m glad to hear that the surgeon wasn’t worried about it… that’s a good sign! And ice cream and mashed potatoes? Yum, I’ll be right over.


  2. So hers is the week after Jonathan’s. We’ll be worrying right around the same time. He has to be sedated too. It is scary worrying about your child going under isn’t it? It is scary for me anyhow. Hang in there.


  3. Sounds a little scary, too bad they can’t take care of it sooner, just to get it out of the way. My son was put under for his ear tube surgery and I agonized in the weeks leading up to it. Everything went well, I’m sure it will for Meg too. Good luck.


  4. Gees, I’m away for a bit and now Meggers has to have surgery? OMG!!!

    Well, the important thing is like Casey said, it’s a good sign that the doc is not too worried about it. As long as Meg is comfortable and not complaining, you’re good to go.

    (((HUGS))) to Meggers for being such a good girl!!!

    As far as the X-ray goes, all those teeth, freaky!!

    Well, heck, if you look into Little Man’s mouth, you will see 2 rows of teeth on the bottom – yeap!!!

    His baby teeth have not fallen out and 2 new teeth have sprouted like over night; his lisp is way worse now because of it. He has a dentist appointment on Thursday – hmmm….maybe I can get a picture of his mouth and post it…I’ll grab the camera when I get home!!


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