Random Ramblings….


Things have been crazy around here, first we had to do a 100 days of school project, so we got some foam board and drew an outline of America and stuck 100 push pins all the ways around it.  We were gonna call it “Stuck in America” but we didn’t think that would go over well.  So, then we thought “Stuck on America” Naaaaah! didn’t like that one either so we just called it “100 Pins Around America”.  I know lame right?!  It’s Kindergarten folks give me a break. ~grin~  It looked a little plain so we thought we’ll paint it red, white, and blue except we painted horizontally and it came out looking like a french flag. LMAO ach well, I’ll have to post a picture of it when we get it back from school.

Then we had to do a science project!  We called it “Let’s Get Fizzy With It” better title right?!  Have I redeemed myself?~grin~   We decided to use Baking Soda to find out which household beverages contained the most acid.  We measured the amount of fizz created by adding the Baking Soda to find our winner.  Between the board and the notebook it was a heck of a lot of work and to be honest it needs a post of it’s very own so I’ll revisit this later, just know my house looks like a tornado hit it.

I found out that my Aunt, one of  my Uncle’s, my Cousin and her kids are coming over this week from Scotland, but shhhhhh it’s a suprise for my mum.  She knows my Uncle David’s coming, but she thinks my Aunty Christine is coming the 1st of March when actually she’ll be here tomorrow.  I knew my mum would be upset if everything was a mess when she got here so I told her I’d help her get the house ready for David coming.  I know I’m a smart cookie right?! I spent all of yesterday cleaning my mums house and getting the back bedroom ready.

Meggers is so excited about meeting her cousin Lucy, they’ve both heard about one another and Meg recently sent her wee cousin this…

They both LOVE Hannah Montana and are dying to go to Disney World together, which I think can be arranged. :o)  I’ve already told my boss that I’ll be taking off this weekend.  I haven’t seen my cousin Pamela (Lucy’s mum) since I was 18.  We’ve always gotten along well though and I’m anxious to sit down for a cuppa tea and catch up with her.

Anyway, that’s what has kept me from posting and reading lately.  I hope you all are well, I’ll have to read and catch up.  Thanks for all the kind words for Meggers regarding the surgery it means a lot.

7 thoughts on “Random Ramblings….

  1. I can’t get over the fact that Meggers has a science project in kindergarten! I’m glad she’s going to get to meet her cousin, that’s so cool…


  2. I’m so impressed that you’re doing science projects for school-sounds like a lot of work! Glad that you’ll have a family visit-your daughter is absolutely adorable!


  3. Your daughter is adorable. The visit also sounds like a lot of fun. A great way to recover from the project work. My son celebrated the 100th day of school last week, but luckily all I had to do was send him to class with 100 toothpicks to count. 😉


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