They're Here!!!!!!

So this past Wednesday my aunt, cousin and her three wee babies were due to arrive at about 10:30PM.  We realized Pamela was going to need cars seats for the kids and a playpen for the baby.  Oh Crap!  Where would we get them? and how much would they be?  We quickly found out that it would be much cheaper to buy everything so, we fed our kids, jumped in the car, and headed to walmart.  We had about an hour to get everything bought and loaded into the van before our brother Jamie would pick up the van and head off to the airport to pick them up.   Here’s the kicker my mum had absolutely no idea they were coming. Yay! Exciting! 

The plane got in a little late and we were fretting about how we’d get mum over to Jamie’s so we could surprise her.  Because my mum’s an avid animal lover and would bend over backwards to help an animal in need, we finally decided to play the “Jamie’s dog’s on it’s last legs” card.  My brother called her and told her that Betty was not doing well and asked her if she’d come over, but he called her while he was still about 20 minutes away.  So Karen (my sis), Isobel (my sil), and I all were freaking out about what we’d tell her if she arrived before they did.  Luckily that never happened!  My aunt, cousin and her wee ones all arrived about 10 minutes or so before my mum.

When my mum walked in she was in animal saving mode and it took her a moment to realize what was going on.  Pamela’s little girl Lucy ran up to her and put her arms around her, only to recieve a little hug and then be moved to the side (she later told us she thought is was  My mum then looked around and seemed mad that we were all smiling, until she saw aunty Christine  then the biggest grin spread across her face as it all finally sank in.  She couldn’t believe we’d kept it a secret. 

My mum’s been a little melancholy since her mum passed,  I think this was just the visit she needed to give her a boost.  My brother Jamie told me mum and Christine (her sister) stayed up till 5Am giggling like school children.  What a joy to have them all here!

6 thoughts on “They're Here!!!!!!

  1. Ok, so the dog wasn’t really sick? I read the story over at your sister’s place and was feeling bad for the poor sick dog!

    I wish I had known you needed kid’s stuff, we have extra everything (including car seats).

    Glad you had a good visit, it sounds like just what your mom needed to lift her spirits!


  2. That is so exciting! I’m glad it all worked out and I’m sorry it took me so long to comment. Dang this sinus headache and PMS! Argh!


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