Missing You! Missing me? Be back next week!

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, we’ve been spending time with our family.  We’re getting ready to go over to Disney World this weekend, but have a few errands to run before we leave  like picking up the Girl Scout Cookies…


My car was choked with 78 boxes of tagalongs, do-si-do’s, samoas, thin mints, etc….

By the way, Meg finally met her cousin lucy and they got on superb!  Apparently they’re twins or so they tell us. ~Grin~



So far they’ve hung out and played at my mum’s house on the water.  Gone to the park over by my sisters.


Here they are stopping for a snack at Busch Gardens.  From left to right : Fraser, My cousin Pam peeking out from behind him, Lucy drinking a bottle of H2O, Meggers, Ru (I can’t spell his full name just know it’s pronounced Ru-Ree), My sis Karen from If I could Escape, My aunty Christine rockin’ the cool shades, and the back of Logan’s head.


 Lucy’s been teaching Meg all about the Nintendo DS and they’ve been talking about going to Disney and having a sleepover together. 


So as you can see we’ve been a tad busy, but I’ll be back mid next week to blog and comment again. 

So in the mean time for some laughs check out Sam’s hilarious wedgie post or Sprite Keeper’s spin .  Miss Ya!

8 thoughts on “Missing You! Missing me? Be back next week!

  1. Wow! You have been busy! Diva has two cousins that are within 5 months and 6 weeks of her. They call themselves the triplets. It’s so cute.

    I’ll take some of those thin mints off your hands.


  2. As the HASAY host/founder, I must object to you having all of those Girl Scout cookies in your vicinity. I suggest you drop them off at my house to avoid the temptation.

    It looks like Meggers has found herself a new best friend! That’s so cool that they’re getting to spend some time together. Love the pics!


  3. Looks like a great vacation in the making. Enjoy. And stop hogging all the girl scout cookies. I’ve only been able to catch them once around here, obviously we’ve got a shortage. 😉


  4. I could take those boxes of samoas off your hands if you don’t want them. Honestly, I don’t mind taking tha burden off of your hands.

    Have fun with the kids – live it up to the fullest – moments like these are the best.



  5. Wow! You have been busy and oh the jealousy! All that warm weather and fun while my kid is bundled up in a winter coat! Aargh! Love the photos!


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