Meggers Surgery Update…

So first things first.. Meggers surgery went really well, she was such a big, brave girl!  Because the staff at St. Joseph’s were so friendly Meg forgot about her nerves for a while.  Two nurses made her giggle as they showed her their moves from the Rumba class they’d taken the day before.  They showered her with stickers and gave her a groovy neew pair of red slipper socks to match her pajamas.  They took her blood pressure, temp, and got her height and weight.   After they were finished we headed off to another room to wait for surgery.  

   The pictures were taken with a cell phone so they’re a little blurry.


While  we waited they gave Meg a teddy bear in a cute Buccaneer cheer leading outfit  and let her paint her mask with a grape scent so she wouldn’t have to smell the stinky gas.  They also gave her  “happy juice” which made her sing nursery rhymes like “twinkle, twinkle little spaghetti”.

Her mask was passed around like a microphone and we had to sing some crazy nursery rhymes on demand, with the mask pressed against our faces, for her pure amusement.  

 She would do these cheers with the bear a little louder than normal, “WHO DO WE APPRECIATE MOMMY’S TEAM THE BUCCCCCSS, THE BUCCCSSS, THE BUUUUUUCCCCCCSSSS!”.  At one point I asked her how she was feeling and she told me rather loudly “I’m not happy right now mommy, but I”m a little bit happy”.  Hubby and I got a little giggle out of that. 

When they came to wheel her back for surgery she was really brave and didn’t cry at all.  However, when we were walking to the cafeteria I sobbed like a big baby.  Whenever we have to go back to the hospital it opens a flood gate of memories and emotions for us.  Hubby told me I needed to eat but I felt really nautious and couldn’t so I sipped on an orange juice. 

We went up to the waiting room and eventually her Surgeon came out and told us everything went really well.  I felt a huge weight start to lift as she told us that it wasn’t as big as they thought, that there was an  infection that made it appear bigger.  She said that the mass didn’t look worrisome, but she was sending it off to pathology to be sure.  Her six year molar was intact and strong which was great news as there was some talk of maybe having to remove it.  Finally she told us that we could go back and see Meggers who looked pitiful.


I just wanted to pick her up and hug her, but she was still attached to an IV and some other wires so I hugged and kissed her. 

Meggers was really groggy but said  “Mommy I love you soooo much”.  I teared up a bit and told her I loved her too and how I was soooo proud that she was such a big girl. 

As the anesthesia wore off she was allowed to pick something out of the treasure box,  she picked the cutest little penguuin make up case equipt with a mirror, eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss.  We were given the okay to take her home and Meg was excited about taking a wheelchair ride.


Since the surgery Meggers has been showered with lots of love and gifts.  Mom moms got her some mini cupcakes, a get well balloon and a fairy book.  Grandma got her two cool t-shirts and a new pair of jeans.   Aunty Karen and Aunty Is got her a Hannah Montana Guitar Easter basket with a Hannah Montana doll, coloring book and candy in it.   Her friend Nick’s mom even dropped off a really cute Disney Witch doll and a bunch of books. 

Man she made out like a bandit!  She’s gonna want surgery all the time now and to tell you the truth it’s not sounding so bad.  I’ll take a happy juice and some gifts to go

Here she is two days after surgery still a little swollen on the left side, but rockin’ out for her Aunty Kaz and Aunty Is.


Finally she also managed to land herself her very first pair of converse.


She was feeling much better this morning!  So I left for work with a two thumbs up reassurance that she would be just fine going to the amusement park for the day with daddy.  Sigh!  I always miss out on the good stuff. :o)


10 thoughts on “Meggers Surgery Update…

  1. I am so glad that Meggers came thru surgery ok!! I knew she could do it. I have been exactly where you were – crying in the hospital because Little A looked so pitiful in that huge hospital bed – all pale and weak! It breaks your heart, doesn’t it? But thank goodness kids are resilient!! Glad you’re back!!


  2. I love St Joes, they have the nicest staff… both of my kids were born at the women’s hospital. It sounds like Meggers was hilarious when she was feeling loopy. I know how terrible sending them off to surgery feels, I’ve done it with both kids in the past three months and it was grueling. I’m glad Meggers sailed through and got pampered afterward! Those Converse are too cute….


  3. oh she does look pitiful in some of those photos! So glad she is doing OK! She is so brave and I can’t imagine how scared you must have been!


  4. OH HAI, WHERE HAVE I BEEN! I didn’t know Meggers was having surgery (is it pretty obvious how often I’ve checked my reader lately?)! SO glad to hear everything went alright!


  5. happy juice, presents and an amusement park! Awesome!

    It is terrifying though isn’t it? You had me tearing up – and her poor little face when she came round…


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