Gettin' Religious in Walgreens

So I was picking up my daughter’s prescription from Walgreen’s, everything was going great.  The lady behind the counter asked me how Meg’s surgery went and I gave her the 411.  She told me the tech’s surgery went really well too and after a smile and a “don’t work to hard” I headed out of the store. 

As I rounded the aisle, I had one of those I can’t walk moments, you know the one where your heal catches on the tile and decided to turn your foot like a car swerving to miss a squirrel.  I went down on both knees, like a catholic girl being forced to kneel on a ruler, I tried to grab the rack on the way down however failed miserably.  Extremely embarrassed I bounced back up like I’d just done a James Brown split and walked quickly out of the store. 

I’m sure I must’ve been bright red.  Luckily no one saw what happened right?! Well, except maybe the two cashiers who looked as though they were stifling their laughs.  How could they’ve seen what happened?  I glanced back over my shoulder only to remember there’s a giant mirror that goes across the entire back of the store.  So I’m chalking this one up as the spirit moved me, even if it did come  in the form of a pair of heeled boots, and gave me a little religion  as well as a pair of bruised knees in Walgreen’s. ~grin~

9 thoughts on “Gettin' Religious in Walgreens

  1. Oh no! You poor thing! Sometimes a bruised ego is worse than bruised knees. 😉
    But trust me, that has happened to be before. 🙂


  2. Yup, when I do it, I actually call attention to it. “Yes, that was me! I’m okay! You saw what happened, right? I tripped over my own feet and hit the ground and then bounced back up and turned bright red. In that order. No, really, I’m fine.”
    I don’t know why I do this..


  3. That is a move that I know well. I’m always falling or tripping or walking into store displays and I don’t even drink anymore! 🙂


  4. This totally sounds like something I would have done! Hilarious! I wonder if you are on the surveillance camera so those employees can show it to the next shift and they can watch it over and over and ….

    Oh. You hadn’t thought of that right?


  5. Yikes! At least you will have supplied a bunch of people with some great entertainment and given them something to talk about on the way home and regale their family with tales of later that evening.
    I’m not making it better am I?
    How about I give you something to make up for it? Like an award. At mine. x


  6. Oh no. I get so angry at myself when I fall, it’s so humiliating as an adult. Not to mention, it hurts. I fell once like that on my knees at work, in the middle of a giant airplane hangar filled with men working on various aircraft parts. For a moment I closed my eyes and wondered if anyone saw, then there were 30 greasy dudes hovering over me and wondering if I was okay…ugh.


  7. I think something like that has happened to everyone! I slipped on the ice on a sidewalk in college with tons of students around. Flat. On. My. Back. To hide from the mortification, I just lay there on the sidewalk. I was with a friend and all she did to help was bend over to laugh hysterically. Some nice guy walking by actually helped me up and asked if I was all right. Talk about humiliating!! I am right there with you, sistah!


  8. Dude! i was totally looking for some story of enlightenment but got better – embarassment at the store. I don’t know how many times I pulled that crap before. Missed ya!


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