A little bounce in my step…

I’ve felt a little disconnected from the Internet lately, which I know can be a good thing, but I’ve missed it.  I have sooo much to blog about but do you ever get where there’s so much you just don’t know where to start?

Well, Tara over at Sticky Fingers brought a little ray of sunshine my way and put a little bounce in my step when she let me know she was thinking about me and Meggers by giving me this little award.  I’ve been a little stressed lately and it was really nice to know that someone who doesn’t really know me was thinking about us.  Thanks Tara!


So I want to give it two a few people that I feel are tough cookies too.

The Panic Room

Three Weddings

Four Frogs 

Oh and for everyone else this might make you giggle I had a girls night in with my two best friends and my sister.  Gotta love Karaoke!  Yep that’s my sister Karen from If I could Escape, my best friend Rachel in the blue shirt and my friend Melissa behind the camera who decides to sing along about half way through. Good Times!  Oooo seems my award snuck into my karaoke photos t’hee hee.

7 thoughts on “A little bounce in my step…

  1. Yay, congrats on the awards!

    Like a Virgin? Hahahahhaha, great karaoke song! You guys look like you were having a blast, next time I’m coming too!


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