Summer Camp's A Little Fishy

So recently my mother-in-law was over for dinner and we were chatting about what camps we were planning on putting Meggers in this year….

MIL:  “Meg do you like horses?”

Meg:  “Yep!”

MIL:  “How about fishing?”

Meg:  “Yep!”

MIL:  “Does daddy take you fishing?”

Meg:  “Yeah daddy got me my own fishing pole and we fish.”

MIL:  “What do you catch?”

Meg:  “Seaweed”

MIL (stifling a laugh):  “Do you catch anything else?”

Meg:  “Nope just seaweed!”

We were all in hysterics at this point and I made a quick call to hubby, who was quick to make an excuse.  “I haven’t had a chance to take her to the good spots yet.”  LOL  Sure honey that’s the reason!

6 thoughts on “Summer Camp's A Little Fishy

  1. That’s a great one. When I went fishing it was in a pond and we only caught pond moss or grass or whatever it was too. That and dead fish really stink, so I’m glad we didn’t catch any!


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