First let me explain the title… ummm… well… there is no real explanation except that’s what comes to mind every time I think of Hasay (Club Half As Small As You), don’t ask me why it’s just how my crazy brain works. 

Okay so I didn’t post last week and I’ll take my lickings for that, go ahead, scold me, I deserve it. ~grin~ 

Last week was tough and I had a few minor set backs, we had hubby’s birthday on Thursday and his mom bought a cake from publix, you know the one with the butter cream icing, the one where one slice is never enough. Yeah! Not good! 

Then yesterday we had the family get together for his birthday to which his mom brought her famous and his favorite Chocolate, Chocolate, Cheesecake, sounds yummy right?!  Ohhh it soooo is! 

Oooo quickly, a side note, we had Meggers follow up appt. on Wednesday and found out the cyst that she had removed was non malignant, non aggressive, and the best kind of cyst you can have if you get one.  Phew!  Soooo glad that’s over, we can breathe now.  Meg’s recovery was fantastic, we still have to swish and rinse till it fully heals but that we can definitely manage.

Okay back to Hasay,  I went for a walk this morning, about a half mile.  I was planning on walking a mile and a half but I took Crazy Daisy with me and she was pulling so hard my fingers were cramping. I think that should count as resistance training or something.  Anyway, I’m back on track and aiming at walking three times a week, if I do more great, but that’s my goal.

What’s that you say? You noticed I didn’t post pics of my progress, well if you really must see them, they’ll be up later tonight once hubby  gets home to take them.  I’m still waiting to see some of you post pics, remember it was a challenge?!

Anyway I hope all of you are getting thinner and sticking to your goals.  We’re planning on walking March 28th, here at home, for the National Walk For Epilepsy.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if club Hasay made a pledge to walk that day.  Hey it would help you with your Hasay goals,  give you something to blog about, and we’d be so grateful that you cared enough to do it.  If you’d like to support Megger’s in her Walk for Epilepsy Click Here, you can scroll up to read about it.  Thanks Casey for the donation, it really meant a lot.

4 thoughts on “Hasay-a-go-go

  1. I know what it is like to have set backs. boy do I.

    I’m just glad things are OK with Meggers cyst.

    Keep the faith and do the best you can with the weight loss. It is a process! 🙂


  2. You’re welcome, I was glad to help.

    I’m so glad Meggers is doing well and that the cyst was the good kind! What great news.

    As the HASAY leader, I could never fault anybody for eating Publix cake with buttercream frosting. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it and I’m wondering whose birthday is coming up next so I can get another taste.

    I’m glad you’re back on track. I’m trying hard to be on track too. It’s hard when we slip but keep climbing back on the wagon and I will too. Good luck this week!


  3. Sorry I’m a week late, I’ve been slacking slightly on my blog visiting duties. Hope the walk went wonderfully. You must be so relieve about the cyst, that in itself is reason enough to celebrate with cake. 😉


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