Crazy Daisy

So our dog Daisy aka Crazy Daisy finally got neutered or as we like to refer to it “The Snip”.  Seriously she needed something to calm her down, but before you start saying awwwwwwww and feeling sorry for her you need  to know a little history about Daisy.  When we first got her she was super cute.  Yep that’s her looking all small, cute and cuddly.  Yeah! Don’t let her fool you.


We did!  When she layed her head in Meggers lap and when she wrapped herself around my head with Meg…


Ohh yeah I agree with you it was cute!  When she was 14lbs!  But now she’s 55lbs and still thinks it’s cute to try and wrap herself around my head.  No picture here people keep reading. ~grin~

There was a time I thought this post might be her eulogy instead of a cute, fun post.  Yes the thought of bringing Daisies life to an abrupt halt did pass my mind once or twice, well let me show you why…

Cute pillow right?!  I thought so too..s5030083

until this happened…


and this….


Oh and then there was this….


no big deal you say, she’s just a puppy you say, well BAM what about this…


Yep those are my curtains.  Oh and there’s been other things shredded shoes, clothing, etc.. 

Yesterday I bought the replacement curtains so that my house would stop looking like the local drug depot,  with a sheet stuck in the window!  Let me repeat,  just to be clear… so that it would “stop looking like” the local drug house.  Don’t come knocking to score, because all we have is chocolate and possibly a dog to sell ya.  Well, only a dog ’cause the chocolate’s all MINE, MINE I tell you. 

 Daisy seems to be calming down a tad but I think it’ll be another year before she really settles down.  I have threatened to sell her to the Gypsy’s or use her as fertilizer if she eats the new curtains. 

Nah in all honesty we love Daisy, she’s growing up to be quite a little lady.


Meggers and Daisy have a great friendship and bond going on!   Seeing them so happy with one another is well worth a pair of curtains to me.  That’s one pair of curtains people, any more than that and their friendship’s over.  ~wink~


5 thoughts on “Crazy Daisy

  1. She’s teething. Raw hide and other chew toys that keep them busy with their teeth will help her a lot – have you tried that? And if you can, lots of exercise — it will wear her out and make her too tired to mess with the curtains.

    And…they DO calm down — eventually. The spaying will help, but getting older helps, too.

    My dog used to eat everything — from dryer sheets to plastic bags. But after he turned about two, he stopped.


  2. Thanks Joy! I give her bully sticks because they’re better for them than the raw hide, they break down and are easier to digest (a friend of mine’s dog had to have surgery because of raw hide). She’s really not that bad now just thought it would make for a funny post. I’ve had dogs all my life so I know the trouble they can be. 😉 ~wink~ Thanks for stopping by.


  3. awwww the 2nd last picture, i love that 🙂 daisy looks so healthy and is that a shaved belly that i see? i remembered getting my 2 cats spayed, such poor kitties, trying to cope with their recovery.


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