Star Struck

So I’m ashamed to say I haven’t participated in Spin Cycle in a long time (sorry Jen) or blogged for that matter.  The Spin this week was about celebrity sightings so I thought I might share a few of my own stories.

Let’s see I saw James Earl Jones at the airport in New York, very nice guy, but I was to much of a chicken to go up and ask for an autograph. 

Hulk Hogan, saw him and his family at a Renascence festival, was turned down for a photo op, which I understood until I saw him posing with someone else. 

I saw Brian Austin Green (from 90210) at Disney World when I went there with my Granny.  It was back when Bev Hills 90210 was really popular.

I saw wrestler Chyna at the airport and another male wrestler, but I wasn’t a big fan at the time.  They were both very nice though!

My favorite memory was back when I was about 8 or 9 I was flying from Italy back to the UK on my own.  Well… back in those days when you were young and flying alone they’d stick you with a stewardess who was in charge of looking after you between flights.  Well my stewardess said we had to pick someone else up and being a kid I didn’t care. 

She was a tall slender woman wearing a long, flowing floral skirt, with a nice silky blouse and big chunky belt (typical mid 80’s fashion).  I was your average annoying brat, who was happy to show her I could do the splits, dance etc.. 

The lady was very nice, told me that she would frequently put her hands behind her back and walk in huge circles with her head down so people would think she was a bit crazy.  I had no idea why she was telling me this? but being the kid I was thought it was funny and did it with her a few times.  Well her flight was cancelled so my stewardess called her a cab and after a hug she was gone. 

The stewardess looked at me all excited when she left and said “Do you know who that was?” to which I replied “A very nice lady” and she said “No, no, well, yes but that was Lauren Hutton”.  I remember I was a bit mad because I would’ve asked for an autograph and instead all I had was a piece of paper to show my mum with her name scribbled on it by the stewardess.  After all at that age I had no idea who she was, but I remember being over the moon I’d met a real actress.

8 thoughts on “Star Struck

  1. Lauren Hutton?! She’s such a lady! And seeing how many of the stars you met were nice, this also fits in with our Manners Spin! You killed two birds with one post!
    (BTW, missed you!)
    You’re linked!


  2. Oooo that’s cool I have one more to add!! For you Dexter Fans out there my friend Cindy’s brother is David Zayas he plays Batista on the show. Cindy was super nice to invite me to go out with them for drinks and a bit of Karaoke. David’s a super nice guy, very humble when it comes to his fans and funny. We had a good laugh, he and his sister are very good at Karaoke.


  3. I’m sensing a wrestling theme here. Well, only two. Sorry Hulk was a jerk to you and man, you’ve seen a lot of celebs in your day. Lauren Hutton sounds very nice. Oh, and you got to see Angel Batista? I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that show. Notice how many o’s I put in love if you don’t believe me. Too cool!


  4. The Lauren Hutton story is great, I probably wouldn’t have known back then who she was either. You’ve had quite a few interesting celebrity sightings. My life has sadly been celebrity free, although I did see Gordon and Susan from Sesame Street at the zoo once, unfortunately they were having lunch and didn’t seem remotely approachable at the time, I would’ve hated to interrupt their meal.


  5. Hi Kristy,

    Lucky you! I’ve always wanted to meet Hulk Hogan and his Family.

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