Hasay, Easter, and Stuff!

So let me get Hasayout of the way first…. Umm haven’t made any progress really, but it’s not my fault!  It’s that cute little fluffy animal with the long ears, you know the one….


Cute right?!  Wrong!  This little critter tends to leave at least three or more Easter baskets at our house choc full of chocolate, care of diet saboteurs Grandmas and Aunts).  I mean no matter how I stress to this cute little fluff ball less chocolate, the more he/she seems to provide.    So I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who fell victim to the evil little rabbit’s  sabotaging ways?!  I will plod on and try to do better this week.

As for Easter, we had a great one!  Meggers got dressed up all cute in one of the dresses my Aunt Christine bought her.



Went to the annual Easter egg hunt at her friend’s house.


That’s right kids, stare directly into the sunlight so we can get a cute picture. ~grin~

We went crazy with some Easter tattoo’s the Easter bunny left and appropriately renamed our daughter Megalina Jolie.



According to Megalina the heart tattoo’s from left to right were Daddy, Mommy, and Meg!

Meggers and Kaya got together to paint Eggs and make Magazine holders out of cereal boxes.


Meg and I even made a bird feeder out of a milk carton, some lollipop sticks and paint!  


Everything considered we had a pretty good Easter.   Our family hopes your family had a wonderful Easter too!


12 thoughts on “Hasay, Easter, and Stuff!

  1. First off, Megalina Jolie is hilarious! Secondly, don’t think you can distract me from your candy binge by posting pictures of cute kids and cute fuzzy rabbits. Who am I kidding, I’m totally distracted. Get back at it and make HASAY proud!


  2. Msbear ~ LMAO I totally cave for the peanut butter cups too.

    Sprite ~ That was my plan! The only way to not be the first person kicked out of Hasay..lol

    Halfasgood ~ lol thanks!


  3. I’m back on the wagon with HASAY myself. I have to keep myself motivated, though and hope I can keep it up! We’re all in this together. Give the candy away to others…that’s what I did. Skinny people with high metabolism. They’ll be just fine! 🙂


  4. CUTE pics!
    I think the Easter Bunny can be blamed for a lot of diets temporarily forgotten. I’m still ticked off at Santa, it’s going to be a while before I can forgive the Easter Bunny. 😉


  5. i knew nothing about Easter until i had to teach about it on the eve of Good Friday. LOL, i thought it was cool and love learning about other beliefs 🙂 happy waaaaayyyy belated Easter, Kirsten!


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