Photo Hunt!


So I told my sister I’d been having a bit of bloggers block and she suggested that I post a wee photo to get my creative bloggy juices flowing.  So I saw  the  snap shot  she posted for this weeks Photo Hunt, themed plastic and it brought back a funny memory.  

It was a beautiful afternoon, we arrived at the playground, the birds were chirping, the sun was high,  the kids all took off in different directions to play.   My sister and I sat down to enjoy the afternoon rays when all of a sudden we heard “Yeah Baby, Yeah Baby, Yeah Baby…” only to look up and see my Meggers on the snail rockin’ it back and forth.  My sister and I looked at one another and just started laughing, because it was sooo not something typical to come out of Megger’s mouth.


It ended up being a lovely day and the kids had a blast.  Meggers favorite part ……


The slide of course!

4 thoughts on “Photo Hunt!

  1. Kaz ~ It was definitely a fun day!

    Sprite ~ LOL I’ll be over to check out Sprite’s antics missed your posts.

    19th ~ Thanks! Can’t wait to see what Fateha’s been up to and the lovely photos you’ve posted.


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