Memorial Day Photomontage

We decided last minute to head down to my mum’s for Memorial Day, we were a little worried about the weather, but as you’ll see it turned out to be a gorgeous day and mum put out her usual spread of good eats…


while we relaxed and enjoyed scenery like this…


 and this…


All of the hibiscus were in full bloom it was lovely. 


 Meg had fun taking Logan around to smell all the flowers…


she even spent a little time teaching him how to play hopscotch


After Daddy recovered from over eating…

daddy over ate

he, Meg, and uncle Jamie did a little fishing…


while an unexpected visitor looked on hoping for a little treat. 


Apparently this beautiful Grey Heron was unaware seaweed was the only item on the menu. ~grin~

So all in all it turned out to be a lovely day spent with the family.




3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Photomontage

  1. Sam ~ Thanks! We did have fun. My mum always puts out a good spread and we always leave at least a lb or two

    Ms Bear ~ It really was! On the way to her house the sky was black on one side of the road and sunny on the other, we happened to luck out being on the sunny side. The hibiscus were lovely (I was trying to be all artistic and with the pics).


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