Wordless(ish) Wednesday ~ Marble Madness & Redneck Pool

Marble Madness

Meg’s new way of asking to do things cracks me up.  There’s no “Mommy can I….”, instead she says “I never get to…”  or “I’ve never played it before”. 

So Meg’s been begging me to pull this marble thing out of the closet.  I bought it a few years ago and found out quickly that I was marble tower challenged.  So.. there it’s sat, in the closet, collecting dust until…..

Daddy decided to try his hand at the Marble Tower and succeeded! Yay!  Meg’s been waking me up by putting hand fulls of marbles in each side and watching them race.  Not soYay! lol



Redneck Pool

This summer has been extremely hot with the heat index getting as high as 115 degrees so far and we’re still in June!!! Excuse me for being blunt and not so tasteful, but it’s hot as balls people!  My sister invited us over to swim a few time before she left for Scotland. 

Note to self:  Don’t forget to blog more about this, due to cute minature nephew and his streaking episodes which lead to two anatomy lessons. ~grin~

See here’s Meg enjoying her lovely pool


However, now that my sister is gone we’ve been reduced to this…


Not redneck enough for ya?  How about this then… BAM!!!


 Sad isn’t it?  Although they thought it was FANTASTIC!  Especially when we set up target practice for their water guns.  You know you’re a redneck if…..


Charlies angels had nothing on these girls!  So.. hurry home big sister, we miss you, your family and our pool privileges. ~wink~

*Watermarks provided by WaterMark.ws 

7 thoughts on “Wordless(ish) Wednesday ~ Marble Madness & Redneck Pool

  1. Love the pics! So cute! And your pool is bigger than ours. lol

    Is it the camera or just me? It looks like Megger’s cheeks get pinker about 12 seconds in. lol. SO CUTE!


  2. Thanks Sprite! You know what I’m talking about it’s boiling!
    Small Town ~ It’s definitely fun, but not as fun as the real thing. 😉
    Wenders ~ Meg does get a little rosey about 10 minutes in. :~)

    Thanks for commenting girls!


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