Dumpasaurus and the T-Rex Cafe


Not that I had to explain to Meggers last night what kind of dinosaur a “Dumpasaurus” was after hubby mentioned that’s what he was going to have when we got back from our walk.  Yeah he’d totally kill me if he knew that I was blogging about it, well, not really but he’d definitely give me that OH NO YOU DIT ‘UN look.  It was definitely a funny conversation coupled with fits of giggles.

And in keeping with the dinosaur theme, we went on a mini vacation last week and met friends for dinner at the new T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney, Orlando.   Meg loved it! 


If I could give one word of advice, see the bone shaped cup she’s holding?  Don’t order it!  Unless you want your child to turn into  Hammy, from Over The Hedge, when he pops the top on an energy drink and is moving so fast that it seems time has stopped.  Don’t remember that scene, let me refresh your memory….

It was a red and blue, pure sugar concoction that had Meggers and her friend Ethan bouncing off the walls.


Apart from that, it was pretty cool eating in the Ice Cave that keep changing from blue to pink.  It would get dark and loud every 20 minutes or so for the meteor shower.


What’s Meg’s favorite dinosaur you ask? The T-Rex of course.


And YES there’s a gift shop on the way out, equipped with a “Build-a-Dino”, which is basically a Build-a-Bear only with, yep you guessed it, Dinosaurs.  Which is where Meghan made Rexxy Beast!  That’s the name daddy helped Meg pick for her new stuffed pal.  Thanks Dad!

Poor Beary Bear was not happy with the addition of Rexxy and even inspected the cool new dinosaurs Birth Certificate to make sure he was legit.


If you didn’t know, Beary bear has been Meggers trusty stuffed pal that has accompanied her to the dentist, the doctors, her surgery, etc.. and is the one stuffed pal that she always takes ni-night with her. 

Is this the dawn of a new Era?  The dawn of (insert dramatic pause) the dinosaur? (sorry couldn’t help myself there).  I think it’s temporary, but  for now I think Beary Bear is feeling much like Woody did when Buzz light year was the new toy on the block.

14 thoughts on “Dumpasaurus and the T-Rex Cafe

  1. Now why didn’t I think of “dumpasaurus” first? That’s brilliant! We went to the T-Rex restaurant back in January and had a completely different experience with a terrified two year old. It’s good to know that he’ll eventually enjoy it when he gets a little older.


  2. I can imagine Beary Bear felt the same as my teddy Cherry (who I have had since I was born) when I brought home the ‘new addition’ Sheepy – she wasn’t impressed lol


  3. Seriously are your husband and my husband related? I had to explain to my oldest daughter what “droppin a duce” was the other day. *hangs head in shame*


  4. Casey – I have to admit I had a good giggle with Meg about the Dumpasaurus..lol I’m sure your laddy will love it when he’s a bit older. It is very loud and I can see how he might of been a bit terrified. You could always use it as punishment..lol If you don’t do what I tell you I’ll take you to the dinosaurs. *wink*

    Toni – Awww poor Teddy Cherry! Beary bear definitely feels his pain… lol Thanks for the comment.

    Kat – LMAO They must be related. Hubby also refers to it as dropping the browns at the superbowl. *simultaniously hangs head in shame* 😉

    Sam – Ahh but you have Cumberland Falls (love that place). Well when you decide to come down and visit us give us a call we’ll meet ya there. 🙂


  5. Sprite at this age wouldn’t last a second in the cafe. We took her to Rainforest Cafe last Friday in Plantation and she freaked out during the rainstorm.
    Great pictures!
    Sprite calls dinosaurs “dimosaurs”.


  6. Sprite ~ Awww when she gets older she’ll love it! Meg was afraid the first time we took her to RFC. Dimosaurs are Awesomesauce!

    Kel ~ It is pretty awesome! Thanks for the comment!


  7. I’d be more concerned that the ‘bone’ drink looks like one of those plastic dildo cups that all women are somehow obligated to tote around at their bachelorette party.

    Um, that’s just ME though.


  8. Keely ~ LMAO I can assure you it wasn’t a penis cup otherwise I’d have been the person in the pic holding it not Meggers. *grin*

    Elizabeth ~ That’s exactly what it was. 🙂


  9. Another reason not to get the smoothie: the bone-shaped cup is made out of the toxic number 3 plastic! Aka Polyvinyl Chloride. Dont drink or eat out of #3 plastic because it increases your risk of cancer!


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