State Trooper Blooper

So if you haven’t checked out Sprite’s Keeper’s Spin Cycle yet you should. 

This weeks spin is all about driving. 

When I was in my twenties I had a little, white, soft top, Suzuki Samurai (don’t hate, it ROCKED! lol).  It was my second vehicle and compared to my first, the Plymouth Duster it was the bomb digity.  I was a bit of a wild child back then, always at the clubs dancin’ my butt off with friends, partying and out to have a good time. 

One night my friend Rob (I say that like you know him), a few other people and I decided to go to Y’bor City, basically a small downtown area with one long street full of clubs, the hot spot back in the day.  Now…. not so much!

  We all partied till well into the mornin’ and were on our way home.  Now after a night of drinking and dancin’, it’s tradition to get some sort of greasy food to sop up the alcohol and we were all definitely feeling a little hungry, but what was open at 2:50AM? 

Yes I really do remember the time and as you read on you’ll realize why. 

I spotted a Taco Bell and remembered they were open till 3AM (insert screeching tires here). I pulled into the drive thru and waited for someone to say…

 “Welcome to Taco Bell may I take your order?”

but Nothing….. 



“It’s only 2:55AM we still have time right?  Hello!” 


We must’ve sat there for a good 20 mins, okay it was 5 minutes, but it definitely felt like forever.  Finally I looked at Rob and said they’ve gotta be closed.  I don’t know why, but Ms. random thought process, me, right at that moment decided to  remember there was a big pothole at the end of the drive thru.  So what do I do?  I decide I was gonna back out and take everyone to Denny’s.  

Did I mention I don’t back up slowly?  

I checked my mirrors, put it in reverse and stepped on the gas… 

(Insert collision noise here)

Now I don’t know where the hell he came from, there were no lights, but I backed right into a State Trooper.  Rob and I looked at each other like where the (insert expletive here) did he come from? 

I immediately got out of my car and keep asking the officer if he was okay, but he wouldn’t talk to me.  He just walked around the front of his vehicle inspecting every inch of the front end of his car.  Finally he told me to get back in mine.  My rear end had a good dent in it, his car… not a scratch!

He got my license and registration and told me to sit tight.  I felt really bad and I think he could tell.  When he found out his superior had to get out of bed and travel 35 minutes to come take pictures I think he took pity on me.  We were there till 5AM.  At one point he even asked if we had playing cards or something because it was gonna be a long night.

The kicker, about two minutes after I hit the trooper I hear a voice coming out of the intercom…..

“Welcome to Taco Bell may I take your order?”

14 thoughts on “State Trooper Blooper

    1. Ya know now that I think about it I should have…lol No we sat on the sidewalk and sobered up twiddled our thumbs! We were lucky we didn’t get in more trouble.


  1. LOL!!! why do they have to come at the wrong time…did u get tickets for that? by the way, you guys still have Taco Bell in the US? here in singapore, it’s a history. LOL.


  2. 19th ~ Yep TB is still around! I did get a ticket for improper backing. They were quite lienient (I’m pretty sure I spelled that all things considered.


  3. Dude!!! LOL!!! Y’bor city – WOW!!!

    Oh and don’t worry – I’ve had probs at the drive thru too – my car broke down in one!!! LOL not fun trying to get to the next window KWIM?


  4. Oh man, that’s terrible! So did you end up having to pay for the damage? If his lights were off, he was at fault, right?

    We always hit Perkins for our 3AM trips home from Ybor. My friend doesn’t drink so he was always in charge of keeping us drunkos in line. The poor guy. And you’re right, greasy food is the BEST!


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