We've officially reached commercial overload!!!

So I get a call at work from hubby who is laughing…

Him: “Our daughter is cracking me up today!”

Me: “Why what’s up?”

Him:  “We were making sandwiches.”

Me:  “What kind of sandwiches?”

Him:  “Ham and Turkey.. anyway I asked her to get  the cucumber out of the fridge and she did.”

Me:  “That’s not that funny honey!”

Him:  “Hang on I’m not done. ..  Meg pointed to the aluminium wrapped around the end of it and asked me why that’s there?  So I told her it was to keep the cucumber fresh.”  Meg replied “it IS?” (her voice going up three octaves on the “IS”).  Then she said “green bags keep fruits and vegetables fresh too daddy!”

My hubby said inquizitively “Green Bags?  What are green bags ?”  She said “You know from the commercial?!  Then, like she was the one in the commercial, says all animated…. “Don’t throw your money away!”  I think Debbie Meyers needs to give Meg some of her royalties or at least a box of Green Bags!

 Meg is relating everything to commercials it’s super cute, but it tells me two things.  One: She’s watching WAY to much TV and Two:  I need to explain marketing before she gets her first credit card or we’ll all be in trouble. :0)

7 thoughts on “We've officially reached commercial overload!!!

  1. Don’t feel bad, we sing the Hot Pocket commercial every time Graham eats one. He’s never actually seen the commercial though, I sing it for him.


  2. but tv is also good for kids. i had a student who has never watched a tv before because her mother didn’t allow her to. poor kid, sometimes she has no idea what other kids are talking about, the cartoons, commercials etc.


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