Random Tuesday Thoughts


Yeah I realize it’s not quite Tuesday, but I keep screwing up the automatic post thing so deal with it  that’s kind of random right? 

 Technically your “”Random Tuesday Thoughts are not really your “Tuesday” thoughts … So maybe we should re-name it “Random Thoughts Posted on Tuesday”. Just sayin’….

While on vacation at Sea World, we took in the Shamu Rocks evening show, after which Meg wanted to ask the trainers how old Shamu was and how long he would live there?  Great questions Meg! However, it was a little disturbing to find out I’m the same age as Shamu (cough.thirty.cough.four cough), whilst we might share the same age I’m determined not to share the same waistline.

Which brings me to  a Hasay update:  

 I’ve been doing good with my work outs and the scale is starting to show a little.  The rain has hindered our evening walks, but I’m still doing the core workouts.  My husband, ever humorous, keeps telling me he’ll give me a workout. Pfft… Men!  Why do they think gyrating their twig-n-berries in front of your face is a turn on?  Really? Come on would you get excited if I started flopping my National Geographic boobs around in your face?  What’s that?  You would?  Huh! Guess I need to brush up on my tribal dance skills.

Why is it when I get on my laptop everybody needs something from me?  Meggers wants to hang on my arm and stick her feet over my laptop or in my side and my husband decides that’s when he wants to ask me something or tell me about his day? What gives people?

Does anyone else miss the 80’s? I miss all the music, Madonna, Duran Duran, Wham, Whitney Houston (Pre-Bobby), etc.. and I say bring back 80’s garb too!  The Big belts, oversized shirts, spandex, rah-rah skirts and neon! I bet I could still rock a pair of hot pink leg warmers..lol 

Hmm where’d that ant come from?  Random!

Wonder if I’m the only person left in the world who doesn’t have a dishwasher!  Yep that’s right I don’t have one, I’m it! Well that is until Meg gets a little older. ~grin~

I miss when Meg used to ask me every night “When’s the sun come up Mommy?” and I used to always say “When the moon goes down baby!” Wish she’d ask me again it was like a little evening ritual. :0(

Flash thought, each of these random thoughts could’ve totally been a blog post, that’s like a weeks worth. Crap!  Now what am I gonna write about. Sigh!

For more randomness go on over and visit Keely at The Un Mom.

11 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Heck, at least Meggers was interested in Shamu. Princess was all…this is boring…How can Shamu be boring?!?! I love that whale!!! (Can you totally tell that was my first time seeing the Orca?)


  2. Snooker ~ Our dishwasher has two legs and a big old booty..lol

    Krystal ~ Aww sorry that she wasn’t into it. Next time call us we’ll go with you and I’ll get excited at the orca with ya..lol

    Sprite ~ Totally at the wrong time! Usually when I’m on the phone with my mum. Sigh!

    Angie ~ The bathroom isn’t even sacred for me anymore. lol

    Toni ~ Wooo Hooo!!! I’ll get the stiletto’s you get the spandex..lol I love the movies too! John Cusack is HOT!!!

    Otin ~ LMAO trust me you don’t want these bad boys bouncing around your head, they could cause a concussion. ~grin~


  3. Madonna in the 80’s was the best!! Bring it back!!

    Sometimes my random thoughts post sits open all day and I just add things to it that pop in my head, so it really is random. Typically if I try and save my random thoughts for Tuesday, I forget every single one of them on Monday about 11:59pm.


  4. i miss the 80s too. but i’ve been listening – nonstop – to the sound track from rock of ages. whoever thought to base a broadway musical on 80s rock music was a freaking genius.


  5. Wow, Shamu is really that old? I like the transition from Shamu to your waistline but the two have nothing in common. Great work on the exercise! I went to the gym tonight and then my friend and I went to Fridays for dessert. I think it canceled out the burnt calories though.


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