Thursday Thirteen ~ Technically Challenged


My very first Thursday Thirteen reasons why self hosting my own blog makes me feel technically challenged…

1.  Acronyms ~ There are so many fricking acronyms, I mean seriously?!  It’s like a really bad intergalactic movie convention where they dress up as aliens, do hand gestures and talk about shit you just don’t understand.  

2.  Transferring blog files ~ Granted some sites are easier than others, but can’t I just say here’s my old blog to my new blog and they say we’ll take care of it.

3.  Domain Names ~ Why is it when you come up with a cool domain name it’s taken? So you have to add a hyphen or a number and somehow it just takes the coolness right out of it.

4. Which leads me to Hosts ~ Trying to figure out which host site is better sucks, just when you think you’ve found the right one… BAM you stumble across another that’s said to be better than the first.

5. Google ~ Okay normally I LOVE google because you can research anything and I mean ANYTHING!! Go on… try it!  When you’re bored it can be quite amusing, but when you’re researching something you have absolutely no clue about google is your worst enemy!  Also, my worst enemy when I’m researching health symptoms but I digress…

6.  Layouts ~ Do I want one column? Two columns? three… you get the picture here.  Do I want my posts on the left or the right?  Arggghh!

7.  Back ups ~ Seriously?!  Now they recommend that I back up my files in three different areas just in case something happens and I lose my file, posts, etc…  How often I back up my blog depends on how attached I am to my posts.  Oh and I’ve read I can do this using…

8. Plugins ~  I’m not talking about those over powering,  nostril violators that you can get at the supermarket.  Plugins are little programs that help your blog perform little functions like playing music or displaying tweets in real time and apparently back ups.

9.  Back to the Domain Names and Hosts ~ Sometimes they make it difficult for the technically challenged (AKA mwah) to free up their domain name to use with another host.  They throw a bunch more of those acronyms at you, that apparently have codes you have to change… yeah, I have no idea what I’m talking about here…  you’re absolutely right!  Let’s move on to…

10.  I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing!  Did I mention that?   When explaining this stuff to me talk very, very, slowly and pretend your talking to a  10 year old…  well, actually a 5 year old, 10 year olds are quite techy these days.

11.  Overload ~ Information overload which makes my brain shut off saying (insert robotic voice hear) “Danger, danger, brain about to explode… must repair with chocolate”   Okay maybe it doesn’t say the chocolate part, but what woman doesn’t feel better with a bit of chocolate? Right!?!

12.  To Advertise or not to advertise that is the question?  Do I want to make money with my blog and if I pay a monthly fee for it, will I make enough to cover that fee and profit as well?  Still more research to do on that one.

13.  Finally control ~  Supposedly self hosting gives you a lot more control or as I like to call it a big fat headache!  Just sayin’…  However, if you can stick it out it can actually be pretty cool.  Although I still feel extremely technically challenged, I’m slowly weeding my way through all the info and feel a little smarter than when I started. ~wink~

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