Fishing Redemption or was it???

My hubby told me he needed to redeem himself and was taking Meg fishing.  Apparently determined to catch a fish or two because I blogged about a comment Meg made where she said all they ever catch is seaweed. 

So he decided to take her fishing this past Saturday In the OCEAN!!! When I say in the ocean…  I mean IN the ocean.


Yep, see that tiny pink blip in the middle of all that blue? That’s my Meggers!! Can I just say when I first saw this picture I said…

 “What the…  ARE YOU CRAZY?!” 

Now let me explain,  I wasn’t upset that Meggers was out there in the water, being brave, I was quite proud of her for that.  I was more concerned because she’s still learning how to swim.  So after opening a can of woop ass on my husband  talking about it, we agreed next time he took Meg fishing in the ocean she’d be wearing a life jacket.  I’m all for fishing and boosting her self confidence but precautions still need to be made mister! 

Meg, as always, reassured me with a thumbs up that she was doing just fine.


Meg told me how she helped daddy get the shrimp out and put them on the hook. 

Meg:  “We put the hook through it’s butt mom”

Me:  Totally disgusted look “Really?! That’s good Meg, were they wiggly?”

Meg: “YEAH daddy let some get away.”

Hubby:  Changing the subject “We caught a Pin fish and a small  spotted trout”

Me:  “Did you get a picture of them?”

Hubby:  pause “No I wasn’t going to take my camera out in the ocean it’d get ruined.”

Me:  “So there’s no real proof you caught anything? (insert snicker here).

Hubby: Rolls eyes “We caught two fish…”

Me: “Sure you did!  And it was this (see pic below) big  right?”


Hubby:  “Whatever!  Meghan’s my witness.”

Me:  “That’s true! I guess she backs up your story, but pictures would’ve been better, I’m just sayin’…”

Hubby:  Rolls eyes  “I’m getting a water proof camera so I can take pictures next time.”

Me:  Mission complete!  “Okay!”

 Hubby:  “Meg shall we tell mommy what else we saw?”

Me: “What?”

Hubby:  “Meg what did they catch a couple of houses away?”

Meg:  “Mommy Guess what??”

Me:  “What?”

Meg:  “They caught a baby shark!”



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13 thoughts on “Fishing Redemption or was it???

    1. Definitely Dave! She loves spending time with her daddy and they always seem to do the cool stuff when I’m at work. Sigh! Thanks for stoppin’ by and commenting.


  1. Ahhh, a baby shark!?!? I hope they didn’t go fishing in that St Pete canal where that girl got bit last week. Looks like the causeway?

    I know fishing is in our near future too… maybe Meggers will be a pro by then and she can show my kids the ropes.


    1. No it wasn’t the St. Pete Canal thank god! Wasn’t that the 2nd bite in that canal too. Yikes! Ooo Miss Casey you’re good! It was the dunedin causeway! lol

      That would be so cool to meet up for fishing!!! I’ll be the old lady under the umbrella with the granny bathing suit, huge glasses, oversized hat and sunscreen…lol


  2. Some of the choices the hubby made when he was in charge of the kids always amazed me.

    Me: Sure honey, it was a great idea to put the two year old on the running tractor then walk away but don’t you think the car would have been a better choice?


  3. She is so cute! I’m with you though, mom, a life jacket is absolutely necessary! Those waterproof cameras are pretty cool. My niece has one and I can’t believe how great the pictures are.


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