Random Tuesday Thoughts


So it that time again when I’m supposed to let all the random jargon outta my head,  pour it into a blog post and link it back to Keely, the most awesome-ist Un Mom you’ll ever meet or I should say read.  When your done head on over and check her out.

I really need to get to the dentist and get my crown fixed otherwise I’m gonna end up looking the part of the Florida red neck.   Why do I have such an aversion to dentists?  Seriously!  As soon as my butt touches the dentist chair it does something to my tear ducts and the flood gates open.  I’m such a wuss!

Ooo my blog is getting closer to being done!  Wanna know what the new title is?  Huh? Do ya?  Do ya? It’s  “GONE BANANAS  sliding through life, one banana peel at a time”.  Do you like it?  I’m so excited to get it up and running.  Make sure you check out Napwardenif you’re blog needs a new look.

I love You tube!!! You can find just about anything on there.  It’s up there, a close second to my love of google.  I found all sorts of tutorials for setting up and hosting your own blog, check out MzJme she’s self taught and her plugin tutorial was pretty simple.  You can find other funny shit on there too, the Evian water Roller babies commercial being one of my current favs.

Sometimes I think Meggers has more of a social life than I do! It’s true!  That’s why I’m glad that my old book club friends have decided to start meeting again.  Except this time we’re canning the books and calling it “Chatting over chocolate”.  Nothing like a bit of chit chat with old friends, I can’t wait to catch up.

So glad my mum’s coming home this Friday!  I’ve missed her!  Hopefully we’ll get to go spend a few nights with her down on the water.

We recently thought we were pregnant, but it turned out to be nothing.  However, we are in negotiations and may start trying for a second child.  Yep I said it!  I think we might give it a go!  I can’t say it doesn’t make me nervous because of everything we went through with Meg, but I really think I’d like another one.  I’m going to shut up now before my husband jumps me. ~grin~  My mother-in-law will be happy as she’s always kidding me and telling me I need to have another one before she dies. Yeah she spreads the guilt on thick!  Gotta love her.

Why does my nephew insist I change his poopy diaper everytime I come over?  Hmmm.. I think my sister might have a hand in this one. ~grin~  He’s potty training right now and he’s got the peeing in the potty down, but still insists on putting a diaper on to take his huge grainy craps.  Yes I’m trying to make you feel my pain.   The thing is he’s so darn cute you can’t say no to him.  As long as he doesn’t do what his eldest brother did to my husband while he was watching him.  Oooo it’s a funny story!  My hubby was on the computer while over watching my sisters Eldest son.  He was potty trained at the time, however  in the butt checking stage of learning how to wipe himself.  Now most kids will call you and say something like “Wipe my butt!”  Not in this case…  He came out to where my hubby was sat and said “IS MY BUTT CLEAN?”  My husband totally unexpecting, turned his head to see my nephews brown eye staring back at him.  He still has nightmares!  I was buckled over in laughter when he told me.

Ooo one more thing what the (insert expletive here) is up with my twitter?  I keep having to reset my password to get on.  Arrrgggh technology!! It’s so cool but such a pain in the.. bleeeeeeeeeeeep!

For more randomness head on over to Random Tuesday Thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. He he, my nephew Bryan stayed with us for the weekend when he was about to start potty training. He put his hands down the back of his pants and came out with a big brown stain and chased John throughout our apartment. This was of course before Sprite.


  2. I LOVED your watery photos … everyone looked to be having a great time! Enjoyed your Random Thoughts … think your new blog title is kewl. My lab Molly thinks DAISY looks like a wonderful fur-friend and sez “Woof” as her tail wags her entire behind. I’ve shared my Random Thoughts today at Sacred Ruminations rather that an Happily Retired.
    Hugs and blessings,


    1. LOL Well you’re always saying how random I am. 😉 Sure I don’t see why you can’t join in on the chatting over chocolate!! You just don’t like that I brought your reality to my RTT T’hee hee hee.


  3. Just wanted to say THANKS for the mention in your blog post. I have been browsing around your blog and really have enjoyed reading it. If you need any help with hosting your own blog, please feel free to contact me..Thanks Again~MzJme


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