What gives with the sharks (insert Jaws music here)??

WELCOME! To my new blog!  Do you like it?  I LOVE it!  Thanks NapWarden you rock!  Feel free to grab my button on your way out.

I can’t believe that Meg had another shark encounter?!  I told you about her first shark encounter when daddy took her fishing in the ocean, not on the ocean, that’s IN the ocean folks. 

Well, yesterday I let Meg go to the beach for the first time without us.  A very big step for me that incurred me hyperventilating and loading up on xanax  going over the don’t talk to strangers and don’t go in the water unless you’re with an adult rules five millions times a few times.  I packed her a lunch, sunglasses, hat, floaties,  lathered her from head to toe with SPF 50 sunblock and sent her on her way.

When they got to the beach Miss Cindy had the girls line up on the beach while she scoped the area they were going to play in for jelly fish (a woman after my own paranoid heart).  She was only knee deep in the water when she spotted what she thought was a rather large fish.  That was until she looked a little closer and realized what she was seeing wasn’t a fish at all, but a baby SHARK!  She promptly ran screaming SHARK, SHARK  headed back to shore and told the girls they were to go no deeper than their ankles.  The shark didn’t phase the girls, they didn’t care as long as they got to splish splash around, make sandcastles, and get their tan on like little divas.  

Pine Island          PI

Oh and then I was watching the Discovery Channel and what comes on?  SHARK WEEK!  That’s right Aug 2nd is the start of Shark week.  Seriously?!  Come on!  The only sharks I want to see from here on out are the ones kept nicely behind, 6 inch thick, plexy glass at the aquarium. 

Oh and guess what my girlfriend bought Meg while she was away?  A shark tooth necklace!  Oy!

7 thoughts on “What gives with the sharks (insert Jaws music here)??

  1. oh gosh!! that was scary, alright? everyone was lucky that it was only a baby. i couldn’t imagine if it was an adult! i’d die i guess.


  2. WOW!! I would have freaked – heck I freaked when LM went to the beach for the first time – it was without me – with his Godmother and needless to say – I was paranoid – no shark encounters though atleast!


  3. OMG- I laugh every time I read your blog!!! It makes me want to blog – but I seriously don’t have the time nor could I be nearly as hilarious!! LOL


  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shark. Love the new site, it looks great! I tried to add it to my reader but couldn’t, fyi.


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