School, Hurricanes, and Birthdays oh my!


Back to school is right around the corner and I still haven’t done any shopping for it.  I’m excited about Meg venturing into first grade, but dreading how much I’m gonna have put out again financially.  There’s always some request for money or something that costs money to be sent in and although I usually don’t mind, this years been a bit tight and it all adds up.

Sweet Niblets! Sassy birthday girl say what??  Meg wants a Hannah Montana bowling ball for her birthday, but I can’t find one anywhere?   Getting to the point where I think I might just get her a purple ball and slap a sticker on it!  Would that make me a bad mom?

Wonder when we’re gonna see our first real hurricane this season, not that I’m cheering it on or anything, but we usually have something churning off the coast of Africa by now.  Which in turn, sends all the weather guru’s into frenzied competition to see who has the latest and greatest weather tracking info.  I’m used to Denis Phillps using his CAT lingo and telling us to hunker down.  Maybe we’ll make it through this season unscathed? 

Hubby’s  been going out of town a lot, a week here, two weeks there!  I wish he had more of a 9 to 5  job, but in this economy I’m just thankful he’s working.  He took a flight to Miami today, wonder if he’ll be back in time for dinner?

I’m so glad Meghan’s had a great summer and that I’ve had Sundays off.  It’s been nice to get out and do things as a family.  It was hard when I was working all weekend and hubby was working all week for us all to connect.  I’m thankful for that!

Oooo and I’m loving my new blog design!  Finally getting the hang of the whole self hosting thing!  My sister is trying to get me to go to the Type A conference  and I’m thinking if I can talk myself into making the trip I just might do it. 

I love Kathy Griffin, but I had my gays before having gays was cool!  That’s right me and “the gays” as she likes to put it,  used to party in Y’bor!  I even judged a few Drag Queen Pageants and helped choreograph a few routines!  Yep me and the gays go way back so suck that Kathy Griffin!  Like Fergie would say “I’m sooo 3008 you’re so 2000 and late” (but I still love your show!  Mwah, mwah!)!

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6 thoughts on “School, Hurricanes, and Birthdays oh my!

  1. I LOVE Kathy Griffin but I had my gays before her too. I used to live with two gay dudes for awhile back in college.

    Please stop jinxing hurricane season. Now we’re all screwed.


  2. You do know that by calling out the hurricane gods we are going to get slammed with one heck of one, right? lol

    And no, slapping a sticker on a purple bowling ball doesn’t make you a bad mom – I’d do the same thing!


  3. Ahhh, Kathy and the gays. Good for her. Unfortunately, we are not famous enough to forward the gay movement ourselves. She’ll do it for us, right?

    As for the bowling ball? Go for it. Do they even make those?


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