Wordless Wednesday ~ Hannah Montana Birthday Party!!

So Meg’s birthday is in a few weeks and she decided she would like a Hannah Montana Birthday Party!   We thought it would be pretty cool to make VIP Pass Invites so we googled for ideas and found a great website !   They were a pain in the ass to make (would prob buy them next time), but with the help of my good friend Kacie they turned out pretty awesome don’t ya think?


This one was my favorite!!!  I’d show you the back, but then you might try and party crash. ~grin~ Let’s just say it was super cute, with talk of rolling out red carpets!!


I don’t know about you but I hate treat bags, they’re always full of tiny plastic crap that ends up getting thrown out.  So this year my good friend Deana (you can find her on twitter @basketunderwrap) designed a cute chocolate bar treat for Meg to give out. IMG_2039

On the back it said… “Sweet Niblets… You Guys Rock!  Thanks Meghan!”  I LOVE it!!!

And of course It wouldn’t be a Wordless Wednesday if I didn’t include a picture of Meggers, so here she is!! 


I couldn’t help but giggle and grab the camera when Meg came to me the other day asking me if she’d put her makeup on right.  “Did I do it right Mommy?”


“Ummm not quite baby, but you look beautiful!”  She got this  make up kit from the nurses back in March when she had her surgery and I assumed it was just eye shadow and lip gloss.  Okay so she might not be behind the Lancome counter at dillards anytime soon, but give the girl a break, it was her first attempt at applying mascara!  However, I think next time she decides to try the mascara she needs to channel someone other than Tammy Fay Baker. ~wink~

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24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Hannah Montana Birthday Party!!

  1. cool tags!!! i’d love to gatecrash your party, meghan LOL. and your make up is preeeeetty! you can work on it, girl 🙂


  2. Ooo, what a cool bunch of party stuff! Nice work. Good make-up job, too…but watch it, you know what they say about make-up and girls…ha.


  3. I take it mine’s in the mail then! I love them there gorg!!!!
    Meg has the same make-up skills as me!
    love ya babe!


  4. What a great idea! We did something similar when we had an around the world party. My son got a picture taken to look like a passport picture, then all the invites looked like his passport. All the kids dressed up from different countries. I got candy from different specialities stores. My daughter would love the Hannah Montana party!


  5. You’ve had some brilliant ideas there!!!!!!! My girls (19 and 17 year old) wanna come, they love Hannah Montanna!!!!! Hope she has a terrific Hannah Montana-esque birthday!!!!!!!


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