Thursday Thirteen . . . It's Back-to-School Time


For this week’s Thursday Thirteen, here are the things we need to do before school starts…..

1.  Get my arse out to Target so that we can pick up all the supplies that Meg’s gonna need for the upcoming school year.  Looks like I’m purchasing the teachers dry erase markers this year?  Oh well!

2.  Clean out her closet and get all the school uniforms that no longer fit her packed up and sent in to the school clinic. 

3.  Take her shopping to get new shoes fitted, new school uniforms, socks, undies.  I’ve found if I don’t do this three to four weeks before the school year everything is picked over by the vultures that like to buy everything while it’s NOT on sale.

4.   Usually we’d go pick out a back pack, but shhhhhh . . . I know my friend got her a Hannah Montana one for her birthday.  I’ll probably let her pick one too just because she usually goes through two back packs during the school year.  Is mine the only kid that does that?

5.  We need to pick out a lunch box, water bottle, sandwich containers, fun ice packs, and a snack container.  Trying not to use ziploc bags this year if we can to be a bit more eco-friendly.  We’ll see how that goes!

6.  We need to start getting Meg to go to bed early so that she gets used to getting up early again.  Well, she still gets up early, but she needs to be rested for the school day.

7.  I need to start sitting in rush-hour traffic to get me back in the swing of sitting in the pick-up line.  Some of the other parents who shall remain nameless are even more nutzoid than me — they’ll sit there for TWO hours before school’s out just so they can be first in line.  Screw that!  Anybody have any good books to recommend for said pick-up line waiting time?

8.  Make a daily chore list for Meg to keep her on track of what she needs to be doing when she gets up and when she gets home from school.  Ha!  Like I’ll follow through with this one!!

9.  Need to get her back-to-school haircut!  Meg’s hair has gotten so long, but she’s decided she wants to cut it!  We’ll have the girl measure it and see if it’s long enough to send away to Locks of Love first.

10.  Seems they’ve password-protected the school website, so I need to call the school to get my secret code so that I can keep up with what’s going on during the school year.

11.  Go to the open house and sign up for volunteer hours — at my daughter’s school we have to put in a minimum of eight hours of volunteer time — I want to get mine in early and everything after that is cake.

12.  Need to set up a breakfast date with my favorite mom friends and supply some tissues so we can talk about how our kids are growing up way too fast.  Really, we’ll be going shopping  which leads me to number 13….

13.  Play my favorite back-to-school song over and over!  LOVE IT!


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9 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen . . . It's Back-to-School Time

  1. I don’t think my daughter has figured out yet that by homeschooling she’s missing out on #4 & #5; but she sure has figured out the joy of missing out on uniforms.


  2. no. 3 the scene is the same in our part of the world. no. 11 – really? can’t help noticing ‘volunteer’ and ‘have to’ 🙂 is it fun?


  3. That commercial is one of my favorites – and we don’t even have kids! That’s effective advertising for you.

    We always had LL Bean backpacks because they were so durable and at any time for any reason you can ship a product back to be replaced with a brand new one – no questions ever asked. Seriously. I returned a rain coat whose lining started flaking off about 9 years after I bought it. Got a brand new one within a week no problem.


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