Random Tuesday Thoughts 08/10/09



Target has started selling Small Paul!  I’m soooo excited! We love monkeys and Julius is one of our favs,  thanks to Meg’s Aunty Is who introduced us to Paul Frank!  So shhhh don’t tell Meg but I got her a track suit and few t-shirts for her birthday that are super cute! 

Speaking of Meg’s Aunty Isobel!  I was weeding out Meghan’s room the other day and thinking how much easier it would have  been if Aunty Is (currently residing in the UK) was here to help, as she’s brill at organizing stuff and making you part with all your crap.  So we’ve decided, when we’re doing our out with the old in with the new projects, to think WWID (What Would Isobel Do)?  Love you and miss you Aunty Is!!!

We need to figure out what the frickin’ smell is on our back porch!!  It literally smells like an animal has up and died.  We’ve looked everywhere, in the gutters, on the roof, around the yard??   I’m convinced an animal has decided to make the ceiling of our porch it’s final resting place, but hubby tells me that there’s no way because it’s filled with foam or something.  I say anything’s possible, right?!  So, tomorrow I’m on poop patrol in the back garden to make sure it’s not a mondo Daisy deposit that we might have overlooked!  Wish me luck!

So, I know we’re all infatuated with Twighlight and True Blood, but does anyone else think Mosquitos are our modern day vampires?   If I go out in the morning or early evening I can guarantee I’m coming back home a quart low.   I know we’d all like to have a  Bill or Edward to swoon over, but unfortunately we’re stuck with crappy, little blood sucking bugs that bzzz past our ears, make us itch and have the potential to give us the West Nile Virus.  Sigh!

When I’m on the laptop browsing or blogging, I’m usually lying on the bed with it  plopped on my lap.  However, I’ve noticed after a while it gets really hot and my crazy mind starts wondering am I slowly cooking my insides?  Which, ensues a game of hot potato moving it  from bed, to lap, to bed…    

Whenever I do something that amuses my daughter she slaps her knee and says “that craps me up”!   We keep correcting her and explaining the difference, but I guess it’s one of those things that’ll correct itself over time and for now just gives us a good giggle!

Have any of you played Bejeweled Blitz on facebook?  It’s so frickin’ addictive and will wipe out three hours of your life ~snaps fingers~ like that!  My sister over at If I could Escape got me hooked and now she’s “trying to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no…”‘

Oh and to the spammer who told me I was attractive, only to then to tell me I look like I have heartburn by directing me to Prevacid website… Piss Off!

That’s it for my randomness this week, but  if you’d like more head on over to The Un Mom where Miss Keely will entertain you.  Oh wait… she’s on vacation!!  But wait…  her guest bloggers have taken over and are gettin’ naked! Don’t believe me pop on over and see.

13 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts 08/10/09

  1. The mosquitos are EVIL this year! I feel like I’m living in the Congo or something. And foam? Rats or mice will chew through that stuff no problem. It’s probably a dead rodent. Have a nice day!


  2. Ooooohhhh Small Paul at Target, yeah I knew that would happen after I moved back to the UK ah well I know Meg’s going to love it all, we do love our monkeys!
    Thanks missing me and my cleaning skills but hopefully they were passed on, remember fold those t-shirts so the stand up! I just did Jodie’s closet over here I can’t help myself!!!!! miss you guys xxxxx


  3. Do you play Farmtown and Farmville on FB? My sister got me addicted to that.
    Could be a dead rat in the attic, the smell is wafting out the vents near your porch. I hate cleaning the kids room, but if I let my hubby do it, he just throws stuff away.


  4. Mosquito’s terrify me, especially the ones in Syracuse, NY, because they come of Onondaga lake, one of the most polluted lakes on earth. They’re the size of dogs and scoff at Deep Woods Off.


  5. Hah, that craps me up! I saw the Small Paul stuff at Target yesterday and had to refrain from buying any just yet. My kids have waaaaay too many clothes in their current size.

    So something died on your porch? Maybe it was your old blog? Have you tended to that thing lately or is it “over”?

    Mosquitoes suck. Literally. We’ve started spraying the perimeter of the house once every few weeks and it seems to help.

    I’m “officially” representing Keely today…consider her represented.


  6. Apparently, we like Small Paul and his monkeyness, too. LG saw a shirt at the Target last week and did his excited point and grunt. Everyone likes a little monkey business, right?

    Have you tried the anti-persperant roll on for the mosquito bites yet? I didn’t believe it until I tried it this year. Damn hard to find anti-persperant deoderant in the roll on form these days, but it makes the bites go away almost instantly. I keep it in the diaper bag now…


  7. Small Paul at Target? Be right back…oh darn! They’re closed at this hour! 😉

    I plan to weed out Princess Nagger’s room when she’s in school – I need to wait and do it when she’s not around, because she’s inherited the pack rat gene from me and can’t let things go… 🙂 At least I’ll have a better chance to do it this year, since last year she was only gone 3.25 hours each day for Kindergarten. Definitely not enough time to get it done. 😉

    Mosquitoes are driving me nuts this year – they seem to really enjoy sucking my blood rather than going after anyone else in our household. I’d much rather they offend me by ignoring me. 🙂

    Happy RTT!


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