Wordless Wednesday ~ Just Keep Swimming

Meggers and I have been spending a lot of time over at my sister’s house since she’s been back from her month- long vacation to the UK.  On this particular day I had promised Meggers we could practice swimming, but quickly realized I’d forgotten my bathing suit.  So, I was a good sport and donned my brother’s Union Jack trunks and a tank top!  Yep! That’s my rather large derriere  in the picture.

scotty bum

Meggers really wants to swim and boy does she try super hard, but she’s not quite got it yet.   Partly because she swims with T-Rex arms, tightly pressed against her sides, which causes her to sink.  We’re working on those big pulls and big kicks, but for some reason she always reverts back to T-Rex form.  Meg’s had a long  battle with her  gross motor and fine motor skills, but has made some major progress this past year.


Meg is cheered on by a naked spectator, her cousin Logan, who loves to be in the buff and patiently waits for her to be done so they can play games in the pool. 


When she’s on the wall she likes to pretend she’s a froggy pushing off so I always ask her “What color froggy are you?”  to which she usually replies “A purple froggy Mom” and then pushes off the wall to swim to me.


She’s even getting braver with her jumping in!  If she doesn’t have floaties on she’ll jump to me, but with her floaties on she’ll brave jumping in by herself, popping back up out of the water like a dear in head lights. 


I’m sooo proud of her and how far she’s come! 


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14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Just Keep Swimming

  1. Those are some awesome shots! Yay for Meg!

    We have been working on swimming and jumping this summer too. T-Rex arms — too cute! I can just imagine them …


  2. swimming is always fun! i’ve no pool at home but i think i’ll buy the inflatable one for Fateha to splash about! and cool trunks, Kirst!


  3. Was thinking awwwwww when you mentioned about her motor skills etc, then the next shot about the naked spectator, just had me cracking up, hilarious!!! Thanks for that and she is so good, glad she’s working hard on the swimming, it’ll do her good. (PS Loved the shorts)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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