Thursday Thirteen ~ Television Favorites

Picture provided bySamulli

 I decided to make my Thursday Thirteen easy this week so here are two list, the first being thirteen of my favorite shows off the top of my head!  FYI ~ I will be doing two give aways next week so make sure to check back!

1.  Dexter

2.  True Blood

3.  Californication

4.  Entourage

5.  Jon Stewart

6.  Grey’s Anatomy

7.  Private Practice

8.  Hell’s Kitchen

9.  Nurse Jackie

10.  Graham Norton

11.  Craig ferguson & Jimmy Fallon

12.  Being Human

13.  So you think you can dance

Thirteen reasons I know my daughter watches too much T.V.  here’s a bunch of her favorite show in no particular order.

1.  Hannah Montana

2.  Wizards of Waverly Place

3.  Suite Life Zack and Cody

4.  Sonny with a chance 

5.  iCarly

6.  Spongebob

7.  Phineas and Pherb

8.  Bindi The Jungle Girl

9.  Fairly Odd Parents

10.  Charlie and Lola

11.  Imagination Movers

12.  Franny’s Feet

13.  Mickey Mouse Club House

9 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen ~ Television Favorites

  1. I love Grey’s and Entourage. I really want to start watching Dexter. I’ve heard it is great.

    My kids are huge iCarly fans. And of course Sponge Bob.


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