Start Spreading The News…

…she’s leaving today…  She’s got to be a part of it… First Grade… First Grade!!!!
first grade blog

Are you excited Meg?

first grade blog 1

So what do you REALLY think about school?

first grade blog 2

Are you “sure”?  Yep Mommy I’m sure!  (you know like the commercial? Because of her pose?  Whateva!)

first grade blog 3

Come on Meggers we’re outta here!!!

first grade blog 4

 Meg was excited to be going back to school as a big First Grader.  We pulled up to the school, giggled at the sea of cars,  and the new wave of red-eyed, kindergarten parents scrambling to get their kids to class on time. 

I decided to walk Meg to class to get her settled into her new surroundings, even though she told me I didn’t need to.  I’m amazed to see how much she’s changing, growing and becoming more independent. After all, it feels like only yesterday when she looked like this…

meggers sleeping

or even this…


  I gave her a kiss, told her I’d see her after school and this song kept playing in my head…

I headed off for the traditional Boo Hoo (or Woo Hoo depending how you look at it) breakfast with some friends and then it was off to Target for a wee shop with my sister.  Now, here I sit… watching the clock… till I have to go pick her up.  They grow up so fast!  NO I’m not crying! I’ve got something in my eye thank you very much…  Sniff…

4 thoughts on “Start Spreading The News…

  1. oh my goodness! congrats meggers!!! i hope she’ll do just great as a first grader. anyway, i just melt at the sight of her baby picture. she looked so new 🙂 and how old was she in the last picture? she looked so different, so chubby 🙂


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