Musical Moday ~ I Got A Feeling…

Musical Monday

 So my pick this week is the Black Eyed Peas “I got a feeling”!   Why?  Well we made plans to meet at a local wine and beer joint this past weekend for a little boogie on down.  The occasion… My sister’s  39th  29th (she wishes) birthday.   I just had a feeling it was going to be a fun night…

My bff Rachel was staying with us for the weekend, finally back from abandoning me  her summer vacation in Maryland, so we changed out of our pajamas  dolled ourselves up, kissed the kids goodnight and headed out.

best friends 

 When we got to our destination, my sister was looking gorgeous as always in her Betty Draper dress (google it if your not sure who she is, go on I’ll wait…) and already a bit glassy eyed.  Me, I was just ecstatic to be out with the gang celebrating my sisters birthday.


My brother turned up and we all got down to some fantabulous tunes on the dance floor.  They played some oldies, but goodies, I might have even bust out the running man at one point.  Oh yeah I went there!  How can you not when they play MC Hammer, Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock?  “One, two, three get loose now… It takes two to make a thing go ri-ight…”


It was definitely, a much needed, awesome night out! I think my sister really enjoyed herself.  How could she look like this at the end of the night and not have had a great time right?!

top night

So here’s a wee birthday toast to my sister…

Anither year, around again
They’re fairly fleein past
Sit doon tae muse an’ celebrate
Fill up yer birthday glass
Older now and wiser
Yer wearin fairly weel
So here’s to you
A special toast
“My sister a worthy cheil.”

Love you!

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