Meg's Gone Country or so I thought…

So we were lying in bed last night watching the Country Music Festival when Meghan decided to roll over and tell me…


“uh huh”

“You know in a country song you get your house back (counting on her fingers), your wife back, you dog back, your truck back…”

I bust out laughing and told hubby who had the same reaction.  How clever of Meghan to depict what goes into making a country song even if it was a little backwards.   However, the joke was on us because after posting the funny on facebook I found out there was a country song called “Backwards” by Rascal Flatts and apparently it was part of the Hannah Montana Movie we just watched.

Meg must’ve heard it on the radio or remembered it from the movie which to me was still clever to relate the two.  She definitely doesn’t miss a beat and absorbs everything.

6 thoughts on “Meg's Gone Country or so I thought…

  1. Hah! My boyfriend would love to hear that your daughter could sum up country music (as he defines it) at such a young age!! I won’t tell him though… I need to pretend he’s the only one that thinks of country music like that. 🙂


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