I think it's pretty silly really….

I was saddened when I found out Megs school wasn’t going to allow the kids to watch President Obama’s pro-education speech yesterday.  My first question was why?  The answer… to many parents had called to complain that they didn’t want their child to see it.  Again why?  Apparently some parents think President obama giving an educational speech is a  form of indoctrination.  Seriously?  Did you read the pre-released transcript?  I say bollocks and it’s nothing more than party division.  It was a pretty straight forward,  you can be anything you wanna be if you work hard for it, speech.   How do you relate the two?  How does this speech differ from the speeches Reagan and Bush Sr. gave to school children?  That’s the problem isn’t it?  It’s not so much the content of the speech, but more about who’s giving it.

What are we teaching our children when we don’t teach them respect for the Oval Office and for our President?  You don’t have to like or agree with someone to respect them.  Why not use the speech as an opportunity to sit down with your child and discuss the importance of education?  Talk to them about what they want to be.  Ask them what they agreed with and what they didn’t?  Let them make an informed decision, instead of teaching them disrespect and intolerance.  Reagan and Bush both gave educational speeches, where was the uproar then?

This divide between the Democrats and Republicans has become way to volatile. Personally, I think  restrictions should be put back on the media and  I don’t think any news story should be released without hard facts.  All these shock jocks that like to throw fuel on the fire should be banned from the airways.  After watching the speech I think a lot of parents look a little silly right now.

If you would like to watch or read the transcript you can click here.

4 thoughts on “I think it's pretty silly really….

  1. I read it, I listened to it, and I watched it again. Althogh Princess walked away from it sleepy eyed saying the Barack Obama show was boring..she understood what he had to say and I was so happy about it because it reinforced that which we teach her at home.

    If we fail to urge our children to be a part of something larger and take part in that which we might not necessarily agree with, then we are just raising children to be as close minded as those morons on the airways preaching opinions and calling Wolf when they are in the middle of the city – regardless whether they be democrats or republicans


  2. I agree. They didn’t show it in our schools either. I think it ridiculous. I didn’t see it myself and didn’t have the opportunity for my kids to watch it because we were busy last night. I think my kids, like most, would have been bored by it anyway. My co-worker wondered what are we teaching our children when they keep their kids home from school when the President is giving a speech on staying in school. Pretty silly is right.


  3. I was pretty pissed about the whole thing too. Seriously, what are parents teaching their kids if they won’t even let them hear the president talk? His speech was inspiring and not at all brainwashing but those nutjobs didn’t get to hear it.


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