Word of the day ~ Va-Jay-Jay!

Hubby’s job has called for him to be in Miami for a few weeks (must be nice) and so as not to go completely batty we’ve decided to stay a night or two with my sister.

Well, last night I was getting Meggers ready for her bath, when her wee cousin decided that he wanted to have a bath too. I asked Meg if it was okay and she was fine with it, so I put in a few bubbles and they both got in.  Things were going swimmingly, Meg was playing with the cups, her cousin was letting me wash his hair, no water was being splashed out of the tub, it was going great until…

My nephew reached for his little boy parts and announced that he had a “WEEENIE” (he’s 2 people!).  Meg then decided to declare that she also had a “WEEEENIE”.   I’m telling you I tried to keep a straight face, to stifle my laugh, but  it was extremely hard. Trying my best to be tactful, something I’m not always good at, and also trying to avoid gender confusion I told Meg no you have a ~whisper~ Va-Jay-Jay!

I didn’t want to go all out and call it by it’s full name in front of my  2 year old nephew, although I may as well have as the two of them started yelling that they had Va-Jay-Jay’s!   My older nephews ears perked up at the talk of private parts and giggling asked me why we were talking about Va-Jay-jays?   I explained what had happened and they both ran to tell my sister that their younger brother now thought he had a Va-Jay-Jay!

Well, at that point what do you do?  I got them out of the bath and again reiterated the story to my sister, who thanked me for giving an early anatomy lesson, but also had trouble not giggling as her youngest child told her “I ha’ a ‘Jay-Jay”.  I’ve decided bathing the two together might not be a good idea in the future unless I fill the bath with bubbles that cover their nether regions.

8 thoughts on “Word of the day ~ Va-Jay-Jay!

  1. LOL! And THAT is why I refer to it as your private area. I don’t want to happen to me what happened to hubby’s friend when she announced in the middle of McDonalds for all the hear that her va-jay-jay itches (but she used the proper term).


  2. Ah yes..the impromptu anatomy lesson. I did the same with my nieces one time when I changed my son in front of them.

    “Is that what he pees from?” one asked, pointing at his penis.

    *sigh* And so it began…me trying to wriggle out of that one, while being straight up and honest at the same time!


  3. Oh my. I’m blushing here. Graham knows he has a “penis” but hasn’t noticed the difference in Elliot just yet. I guess we have that to look forward too, ugh.


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