Apparently I missed my calling…

small cycle

So today’s topic  for Spin Cycle over at Jen place is  what’s your talent?  I struggled with this one all week.  Should I tell people I can fit four quarters up each nostril? Hmmmm… maybe not, then I might have to tell them how that talent came to be.  How about that I can do with my toes, what most can do with their fingers, pick things up, write, etc…  No too freaky!  I Karaoke??  Nah!  I never really did any plays or musicals and sometimes when “we” think we can sing, others that hear us think… not so much! 

I was gonna give up, then yesterday while doing a bit of Wii Fit with my sister (yeah that’s right Casey I forgot to post Monday, but I’m still working my Hasay ass off and I’m down 4lbs baby ~grin~) I realized my true calling…

Who knew that I should’ve been an Olympic Ski Jumper???  Watch out Olympic Medal winning ski jumper whose name I’m unable to pronounce,  according to the all mighty and holy Wii Fit I ROCK at Ski Jump!  I’m no Eddie Eagle, but I can apparently soar like one and keep perfect form landing scores in the high 300’s.  So take that to the bank baby! 

What am I doing with this grandiose, new, self discovered talent?  I’m on the next plane heading towards the Swiss Alps.  Gonna brush up on my skiing (considering I was 9-ish the last time I stepped onto a slope) and participate in the next Olympic Games!  Oh and you’re all invited to ride in the private jet that my sponsor will be providing.  That’s right people I’m headed for the big time! Who’s with me?

No one?!  Anyone?!  Goning once…  Okay so I might be going a little overboard with  talent, but it would be nice wouldn’t it?!

Head on over to Sprite’s Keeper and check out some more great talents or discover your own and link up.

6 thoughts on “Apparently I missed my calling…

  1. Ooh! I’m in! I’ll get over my fear of flying for this one! The Wii Fit that my brother-in-law brought over thought I was a pretty good bowler. Since we’re supposed to be bowling tomorrow, I’ll try to prove it right. (Last time I went bowling, they were ALL gutter balls. I wish I was kidding.) You’re linked!


  2. Wii Fit is the best! Have you tried Hula-Hooping? Not just the one that comes on the game, but the one that you have to unlock…Advanced Hus-Hooping. I am the master at that!


  3. Yay for 4lbs and I suck at the ski jump! I haven’t even touched my Wii Fit in a few months, shame on me! I have been hitting the gym though. Maybe I’ll pull the Wii out and practice so we can have a little friendly competition.


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