Musical Monday ~ Smile


My big brother is flying back to the UK today and I will miss him terribly.  We’ve laughed together, cried together, shared advice and been there for each other when times got rough.  He’s my brother, my friend and even though I don’t want him to go, I know in my heart that he needs to.  So today I’m going to hug him, tell him I love him, wish him well and smile…

14 thoughts on “Musical Monday ~ Smile

  1. omg! I like Nat King Cole although he sang long before I existed. This song was mentioned during the tribute for Michael Jackson as his favorite song. May your brother have a safe trip back to the UK.

    Mine is up. Happy Monday.


  2. Nat King Cole’s voice is perfectly suited to this song which, by the way, I happen to think is one of the very best ever written. Great choice! May your brother have a safe return trip and your sadness at his departure be eased quickly.


  3. Awww you and your lass are cracking me up tonight, I need a tissue, that’s so sad, do you want me to intercept him at the airport in England and send him back??????


  4. Aww, I know how hard this is for you but it sounds like he’s going to be happier there?!?

    BTW, let’s do a bloggy meet up soon. Karen mentioned it awhile back but didn’t want to do it until her kids were settled in school..


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