Random Tuesday Thoughts


Bloomin’ heck what’s going on with my allergies today?  I’m sneezing and my nose is like a faucet, drip, drip…  Okay sorry for the visual, but it’s soooo annoying.

OMG Patrick Swayze died!  How sad!  Loved him and Sam Elliot in Roadhouse.  And of course Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts baby in a corner…),  Oooo and Point Break.  Does anyone else find Sam Elliot sexy?   

Oh my husband’s  working in Miami this week and he sent me this picture…


T’hee, hee, hee he’s a funny lad!  Must’ve known I needed a laugh.

Hope my brother had a good flight and is settling in across the pond.  Will call him later today to check in on him.

My nephew is running around “fully clothed” ? Is this the end of the streaking era? 

Alright already nose!!!!

Need to take some coffee over to my mum this morning.

Nope!  I guess I spoke to soon, Nephew is in the buff again dancing around to Caillou.  (He’s only two) ~grin~

Right I’m off to have a cup of coffee with my mum and sister so if you want more randomness you’ll have to head on over to Keely’s for it.

7 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. I think Sprite completely escaped the nudity portion of toddlerhood although she has been known to discard her diaper in order to “change” herself. Um yeah. Diapers go IN the trash not next to them.


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