VH1 Diva's Were Divalicious!


I’m sitting here watching VH1 Divas and typing in real time this should be fun and long, bare with me!  

Paula Abdul is hosting?!  Looks like she’s gonna do a medley of her hits.  I loved all of these songs in the 90’s, but I don’t think Paula is quite as polished as she used to be.  OH MY GOD did Paula just trip during her diva opening? Oh no she di-unt! 

Oooo look is that Ryan Kwarten and Sam Trammel from True Blood in the audience? Yummmmmmy! This show just got a whole lot better.

Jennifer Hudson is coming up… She always seems so nice and has an awesome voice.  Oooo child she rocked it out! *sings* “No I don’t like (woo hoo hoo ooo) living under your spotlight” I like the outfit she’s wearing too!  Her skin is flawless!

Paula just introduced Kathy Griffin.  I LOVE Kathy Griffin!  Cute banter between the two of them.  Ooo Paula just called her fire crotch. Ha, ha! 

Next up Kelly Clarkson! She looks divalicious, but I think those were supposed to be red rose petals falling behind her and they look more like blood platelets *snicker*.  Is this a new song?  “I’m Already Gone”.  I likes it!!

Funny dude take on the Diva’s!  What the hell is that noise? *reaches over and pulls on hubby’s sleeping machine mask* It’s rain bwah ha ha I’m such a dork!

VERY KEWL PS22 Chorus is being featured, first saw them on a tweet that I think came from Ashton Kutcher (yeah I follow Ashton! He’s Hawt! What can I say?).  Amazing kids!! Check out their website.  I’d be lovin’ music too if I had a teacher that looked like Mr. B.  Very Talented!  She’s singing Adele’s “Chasing Pavements“.  Awesome song! 

 Umm I have a feeling that I might be saying Awesome a lot tonight so I’m appologizing now.

So Keri Hilson and Corbin Bleu from High school musical,  wait a minute… didn’t I just see him on Ashton Kutcher’s new show “The Beautiful Life“?  Which was very cool I might add, you should check it out,  but I digress…  they’re introducing Jordan Sparks.  Crap I hate the rain, my Directv keeps going out..

Oooh she’s doing a retake on “Let The Music Play”!  I still can’t believe this girl is 17!  Wow!  Ooo sassy little black dress and I LOVE her hair.  She definitely knows how to work the stage.  What a great performance.  Here comes the dang rain again, uggh…

Is Paula doing Ellen Degeneres?  Didn’t get that skit??  Toni Braxton looks gorgeous! Shame they played a Mary J. Blige song as she walked to the stage.  Wonder if that was a mistake?  Ach well love the song (Just Fine).

Leona Lewis is up next.  Love that they’re featuring a  few British Divas this year!  I love her songs too *start singing again* “You know I never meant to hurt yo-oou… it’ll all get better with time…”  She’s lovely!  Another super cute dress!  Ooo that sounded like an off note, but just one, nice recovery!

Hmmm… How do I feel about the fame re-make?  I dunno?  Haven’t seen it yet ,  feel partial to the original because it was a big part of my childhood.  I loved the characters, think they’d be hard to replace, they weren’t holywooded up if you know what I mean?!  I even  have the soundtrack on vinyl *grin*.  “If you want Fame, well fame costs and right here’s where you start payin’… in sweat!  *cue theme song*.  One of my favorite songs was “StarMaker“.  I was in love with Danny.

Cindi Lauper and Leona Lewis are doing an acustic version of, non other than, “True Colors“.  I’ve seen Cindi do this same gig somewhere else, with someone else, but you’ve gotta love her, she’s looks great and is still a fashionista.  Isn’t funny how shows like this make you wanna go an re-work your ipod? 

 So who are these kids on stage?  Oh the new Fame stars.   They’re introducing Miley Cyrus!  Am I recording this?  *hits record button on remote* I need to because Meg LOVES her.  Oh it’s that cute song I heard on the radio “Party in the USA“, but I’m not loving her outfit.  Ok it might be  growing on me a bit.  I guess it’s cute for her performance.  Love the boots!  “Put my hands up, they’re playing my song, and the butterflies fly away…”  Come on it’s catchy!

Aww Adele was funny sayin’ “hello” to her fan and bless she had no make up on, looked like she’d got out of the salon chair just to meet her.

Oh god Liza Manelli?! Is she gonna perform?  She looks like she’s had work done on her face.  Could’ve done without that part of the show.

Adele and India Arie are singing a pretty cool song about loving the skin you’re in and being a queen, it’s a jazzy little rift.  I likes it! I think I’m gonna have to download that one.

Not big on Kathy Lee Gifford and her side kick from daytime tv.  Great song coming on, “Broken Wing” by Martina McBride, Jordan Sparks is doing a duet with her.  I love Jordan’s dress!  Martina McBride has such a loud, and amazing voice for such a teeny little thing. 

Okay now it’s Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Hudson. What a cool microphone all bedazzled out.  The song  (All is fair in love) started out as a bit of a downer, but had a fantastic ending.

Samsung has come up with a camera called the duel view, with LCD screens on the front and back of the camera! GENIUS!  That way you can capture a perfect self portrait with a friend.  LOVE IT!  Your welcome Samsung and yes I would love to do a review if you’d like to send me a camera.  Just sayin…

Ooo my night just got steamy as the True Blood hotties presented Miley Cyrus and Sheryl Crow?? Hmm wonder how this will turn out?  Miley’s outfit is very rock and roll chic!  Not sure how I feel about this one, but sure the media will have fun with it.  They’re singing “If  it makes you happy”, I like Sheryl Crow, but not lovin’ her tonight.

The fame trailer… Okay they’ve peeked my interest, I might go and see it out of curiosity. Interested to see what they did with it.  Still feeling loyal to the original though!

Ooo Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, yeah I totally got sucked into The Hills and The City.  Go on you’ve got 1 minute to criticize me while I watch Kelly Clarkson and Melissa Etheridge rock out…

Okay ya done!  Good! Kelly and Melissa were AWESOME!!!   Kelly looked like she was doing a little River Dance, but I think it was a great duet.  Didn’t realize Kelly had a little junk in the trunk. 

Okay so it was a great show, but the stand outs and my favorites were Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Jordan Sparks.  I think?!  Right I’m off to bed got lots to do tomorrow or I should say today.

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