Where the wild things are…


Meg was so excited about the movie “Where The Wild Things Are” coming out this weekend!  So, we made a date with her cousins to go Friday for the afternoon showing.   We cozied in while daddy got our snacks and waited patiently for the movie to start.

meg and log

It was not at all what I expected, but ya know what?  I kind of dug it!

In my mind, I had already painted a vision of what I thought it would be…  Max getting up to a little mischief, being sent to his room, where vines would slowly start circling his bed posts as his imagination took flight and a forest into his fantasy world was created.  Ummm… not quite!

The movie took a much deeper and darker twist.  It painted Max as a boy from a single parent home, craving his older sister and mother’s attention and when he didn’t get it he would act out.  The monsters seemed to represent his feelings or thoughts about the world around him and his struggle as a young boy to understand them.


I enjoyed that it was different!  It wasn’t your usual mind numbing, action packed, animation film with loud scores of music.  It had heart!  Thanks to Jim Henson’s workshop the monsters came to life and were magical.   They reminded me of Falcore the luck dragon in another children’s classic “The Never Ending Story”.


It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I think Spike Jonze really did a great job with this movie.   I like movies that surprise me and take a different turn.  Meg absolutely loved it and has put it on her Christmas list!  OMG can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?  We’ve only just started feeling the fall weather here in Florida (if you can call 70 degree weather fall *grin*).

Anyway, I would say “Where The Wild Things Are”  might be a tad scary for kids under 6 that are easily frightened, but no more scary than a Harry Potter movie or ET.   So if it catches your fancy head off to the theater and “Let the wild rumpus start”!!!!!

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